Sunday, 30 May 2010

"I love it when a plan (nearly) comes together"

Dorking 10

I entered this one purely as a training run for the North Devon Marathon. I ran this before so I knew what was in store – hills, nice countryside & a few more hills.

(Race profile - )

As I drove down the A25 & looked left I saw Box Hill – I did laugh & thought mad buggers (for those who don`t know that the start of Midsummer’s Munro – btw guys the rumours are false - they have not install a cable cars.)

Anyway, great venue & car-parking at Dorking – huge field to park then a short walk to the start.

I`m glad I wasn`t `racing` it as it was blooming hot – which I didn`t mind as Devon in June could be hot. Also decided to wear a camel-pak just in case I wear that in Devon too.

I had a plan to keep the pace very constant regardless of the course, which meant I worked harder up the hills!!

After a quick race briefing from Dr Rob, we moved into our estimated finishing positions & then off.

Did feel a bit of a fraud by not having the `racing head` on but everyone has their own agenda anyway.

Felt a bit relaxed into the first mile – noticed the mile split and quicken the pace slightly, then came the first hill. Just after the second mile Dr Rob came bouncing past – despite the hill I was pleased when I saw the 2nd mile split time. Just after the Mile 3 marker there is a short sharp hill with a hidden 2nd incline – thought I might drop time there but I guess I used the downward section well. You complete the first lap at around Mile 5, which does mean you run that `double hill` twice. Pleased with the first half.

At mile 6 I knew if I could keep this pace steady – maybe slow down a touch it would be a good run. Had a go at applying sun-cream * on the go – not pretty!!! Sharp incline at 7 & half miles, followed by a downward section. From last year I knew the last couple of miles were are a bit lumpy with not a lot of downward running. Couldn`t believe the runner behind me was moaning that we had to wait for an ambulance to come through some traffic to get to a runner who had collapsed – we only had to stop for a few seconds – ggrrrr. Anyway saw the “I`m not a 400 metre` runner” sign and into the field & through the finish – nice touch when you hear your name & club over the loud speakers.

Great event – well done for hitting the 25th Anniversary run (it says that on the very nice tech T-shirt :-) )

Splits - 9:11, 8:53, 8:56, 8:57, 9:04, 8:46, 8:48, 9:10, 9:27, 8:52

Garmin time - 1:30:04

After getting back to the car & updating my race time I had notice I was meant to running at a slightly slower pace – opps so nearly perfect then.

* (Thanks RachE & Gobi – very useful gift)

Next event – BUPA 10,000 Bank Holiday Monday, then the Yateley 10Km on the Wednesday.......ok that`s more practice for the Thunder Run then :-)

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