Thursday, 27 October 2011

"Please, Sir, I want some more".......

Picture the scene.........."Please, Sir, I want some more" - said Mr. K.

The Race Director - Henk - is a likeable chap who is well known in the Ultra circles & known for his outspoken, unsympathetic manner & use of swear words; but he turned very pale. He gazed in stupified astonishment on the small rebel for some seconds, and then clung for support to the copper. The assistants were paralysed with wonder; the boys with fear.

"What, are you some kind of f***ing d**head ?? " said the Race Director at length, in a loud voice

"Please, Sir," replied Mr. K, "I want some more."

(OK some poetic license has been applied to the above)

Yes it was time to go back to the scene - yes the Caesar`s Camp Midnight 30. I ran this event in 2009 and back then it was my first Ultra (well really my 1st Marathon too) and after missing out last year it was time to go back for some more. The above `profile` picture was taken shortly after I finished in 2009.

On the morning of the race I decide to help out at the local parkrun (Frimley Lodge) - As I Marshalling I get to watch the runners go past & I am always amazed by their determination - whether they are going at 5.00/m or 11.00/m - they all want to finish - someone comes 1st & someone comes last. I did miss the running part & more importantly the coffee & chat at the Canal Cafe.

Shortly afterwards I head off to help Henk out but they are practically set up - apart from the tent that thinks it`s a hot air balloon !!!. It was good to say hello to a couple of folks I knew. I helped out at the gate & wander down later for the latter part of the race briefing. As well as profits of the event being handed out to Charity there was also two awards being handed out - I did miss this part so sorry if the titles of the awards are wrong - One for the "Hurry the f*ck up, you are taking your f*cking time award" to a guy who has finished last each time and the "Donkey award" to a runner who has attempted the 100 miler for 5 years running but still never finished. Well I did warn you. And with a "3, 2, 1 - F*ck off you lot" Henk sent the 100 & 50 milers away.

The course from the website has been described as "a 10 mile loop, there are no road crossings and the running surface is on fire-trail, access tracks and single track. At night we use light-sticks in strategic places. This is a tough loop!! We have measured the altitude rise and drop multiple times. Due to a landslide at one part causing an uphill diversion we now have the final course measured at 1,520 ft per lap, making the 100 miles 15,200 ft in climb (30 Miles = 4,560ft & 50 Miles = 7,600ft). There will be two checkpoints, one at the start and one at 5.6 miles"

Shortly afterwards I made my excuses and left - slept like a log till early evening. Like any race it is key to get there early and despite this event being 10 mins away from home I went back at around 10.00 pm. I saw some of the 50M & 100M come in - I checked who had pulled out :-( I saw Big Pete which was great - he was looking good. I did fluff around with what to wear - in the end I went for Brooks GTS 11`s, full length Skins, arm warmers, long sleeved Helly Hanson top, club vest, gloves & my JW Ultra hat. I did go with a gel belt but didn`t bother with a drink belt.

My race plan was to try to improve on 2009 results - I was 5th then with a time of 6:50:49. Ok I thought I may not improve on the time but position wise it would be nice - I was only 23 mins away from 1st place. One area where I lost a lot of time was at the end of each lap. Slick changeover was the word this year.

At around 10 to Midnight we got a race briefing from Henk - another cracking delivery :-) There was 9 of us in the 30M race (I did see 2 more had joined us later on). At the start I noted 7 runners (plus a dog) raced off at the start. I didn`t chase them - I had all night :-) Unlike the training for 2009 where I had spent time over Caesar`s Camp (7 x 10M approx) this year I had not stepped a foot over there - soon enough I found out why that wasn`t the best training plan ever.

Never try new things in race HILLS.

Even from the first hill my plan was to walk up the up slopes. 1st bleep of the Garmin - excellent 29 to go :-) As I looked over Aldershot & Farnborough from the Viewpoint I could see the street lights in the background. In the foreground I could see head torches bobbing around beneath me. The skies were clear - we were lucky with the weather.

The course was well marked but I made sure I remembered the course. I chatted to other runners when I went past. As the miles ticked past I got onto the relative flat part on the far side of the course, then it was felt downhill to the checkpoint at 5.6M or so. I sadly saw Pete there who was being talked out of pulling out - stomach issues :-( I was hoping to run with Pete later on - always next year Pete.

I didn`t hang around too long and off I went. During the next bit I came along the two runners dressed as Centurions complete with sandals, yes sandals :-O (They did 70M like that). Soon enough it was back up the Viewpoint and the run back home - I guess breaking the route up into sections help. A quick run down the last hill & bleep with the bar-code scanner & that was the 1st lap done - a shade of 2 hrs. I popped to the car to take a drink & a quick twitter update (why I don`t know - who else would be up at that time of night???) & off I went for round 2.

Despite running Amsterdam the week before I thought my legs were surprising good - this 30M race did to me had an odd feeling like a bit of a `fun run` when you compared it to the other runners on the course - these guys had already done 50 or 60 miles - top respect to them. It does become easier when you think "only doing the 30", "only one lap to go" It would be different if I was running 3 laps by myself on a Tuesday morning - this running lark is I guess a mindset thing. I had collected my ipod but didn`t feel the need to use it - it was actually nice to run on your own listening to the nocturnal activity. As I came through the start / finish area for the second time I noted the time - even though I wasn`t racing I did think it might be slower than 2009 - I wonder how many 30 milers I had past..........

As I started my 3rd & final lap I was aware of a fast runner behind - I think he was a 100M runner - it was. He caught me up as I came down the slope of the Viewpoint (he was flying down - I guess he was a fell runner). I caught him on the flat but then he flew down the next hill. Again I caught up with him on the next flat / rise. We chatted together for the next mile or so. Nice bloke (Robin (or Robert) Britton) - I think he ran the Great Union (145M) in 31 hours or so :-O I left him at the back of the course. At the checkpoint there were two guys there - one nearly asleep & the other had 5 miles to go - same as me but as it turned out he (John Poole) had started his 50 mile race late as he had run Beachy Head in the morning and then drove over (!!!) - that is some double. Again really nice chap and as we chatted on this home run stretch we talked about different races - he had done so much including coming in 4th at the Thames Ring 250 mile `race` in an incredible time of 79 hrs 58 mins - I left him with about a one & half miles to go, and soon enough came to the final hill and down into the race HQ. I thanked Henk for putting on another fantastic event.

Despite being out there for 7 hrs & 19 mins & up all night I felt quite good - OK my quads were shot but generally OK. I guess it feels different when the sun breaks through the night sky & you could enjoy a bit of food & drink. It was nice to get & reply to text & FB messages. I had a quick chat with Pete whilst eating `breakfast` - Rice pudding & 2 packets of Randoms (healthy I know). I went over to Henk again & thanked him & made my way home.

So my 15th Marathon (8th Ultra) done but to me it`s not a Marathon or ultra numbers game as I do too many races & have fun at other distances - it`s all about the running game.

Caesars Camp Website

Distance   2009 Results    2011 Results
10M          02:05:36          02:04:29
20M          02:17:52          02:25:50
30m           02:27:21          02:49:03
Position     5th (from 14)   6th (from 11) - Doh I best go back next year then...

My race report from 2009 (Fetch Everyone)

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 11:29(11:29/m) - 122cal
2) - 1m - 12:54(12:54/m) - 114cal
3) - 1m - 11:48(11:48/m) - 124cal
4) - 1m - 11:34(11:34/m) - 122cal
5) - 1m - 10:15(10:15/m) - 134cal
6) - 1m - 14:33(14:33/m) - 127cal
7) - 1m - 12:15(12:15/m) - 121cal
8) - 1m - 11:42(11:42/m) - 122cal
9) - 1m - 13:27(13:27/m) - 117cal
10) - 1m - 10:46(10:46/m) - 126cal

11) - 1m - 16:59(16:59/m) - 114cal
12) - 1m - 13:49(13:49/m) - 119cal
13) - 1m - 13:20(13:20/m) - 113cal
14) - 1m - 13:50(13:50/m) - 114cal
15) - 1m - 10:51(10:51/m) - 131cal
16) - 1m - 14:41(14:41/m) - 116cal
17) - 1m - 13:01(13:01/m) - 115cal
18) - 1m - 14:29(14:29/m) - 110cal
19) - 1m - 14:15(14:15/m) - 115cal
20) - 1m - 15:00(15:00/m) - 109cal

21) - 1m - 20:19(20:19/m) - 113cal
22) - 1m - 17:11(17:11/m) - 102cal
23) - 1m - 16:30(16:30/m) - 108cal
24) - 1m - 17:00(17:00/m) - 107cal
25) - 1m - 12:09(12:09/m) - 125cal
26) - 1m - 13:40(13:40/m) - 122cal
27) - 1m - 16:53(16:53/m) - 113cal
28) - 1m - 18:00(18:00/m) - 100cal
29) - 1m - 18:00(18:00/m) - 94cal
30) - 1m - 16:54(16:54/m) - 103cal
31) - 1m - 11:48(11:48/m) - 121cal
32) - 0.01m - 7(14:43/m) - 2cal

31.7M in 07:19:30

The day`s plan - after a long shower - was to pop down the running club & then make my way to to Fleet for the 10Km race watch the 10Km. Again all so impressive to watch from the two 32 mins guys to the 1 hr & 10 mins runners.

Next up - a bit of rest really with the Poppy Day Enigma Marathon (11th Nov) being next on the list.

Other news - After thinking long & hard I have decided that I need to spend more time on the track so I`ve (hopefully) entered the Andover Marathon - 105 laps & 195 mtrs - on the 17th December. Don`t worry I shall keep out of the inside lane :-)

Friday, 21 October 2011


Hopefully no repeat of the last oversea`s trip the club took - the infamous delay at Benidorm ... surely lightning could not hit twice, well I guess three times for me :-/

We took the early flight from Southampton (07:05), which did mean a 04:00 am start from home & collecting Dennis & Dave along the way. Timing wise it was perfect with meeting the others (Margaret, Colin & Brian) at the terminal. (Wendy, Karen & Steve were flying from Heathrow - I have a feeling they didn`t want to fly with me). We played `Spot the runner` in the terminal & on the plane - we didn`t need to look too far as the couple in the seats behind were from Sandhurst Joggers (the only time Cove Joggers were in front of SJ`s). Transport wise & hotel location were spot on - close enough to the train station & only two stops from the Expo & Stadium (start / finish area).

We wandered around the Expo in the afternoon - not too much there at all & prices did seem high which was a shame really & we headed back to the hotel before it was too late as we had arranged to got into town with the rest of the Running Crazy group for dinner later on. All I will say about that it didn`t go to plan which was a real shame as that idea did have potential. Anyway an early night beckoned.

Race morning - alarms off at 06:00 am. As I was room sharing I thought we might be pushed for time as we decided to leave the hotel at 8:00 to give us enough time at the stadium to savour the moment. A it happens time wasn`t a problem, breakfast was `Oat so Simple` pot & black coffee, showered & changed will still enough time to have a run before we left (2M @ roughly 8.00/m pace - blaming excitement there). The train was packed but it was only two stops, loads of folks everywhere so I`m glad we made the early trip. At the bag drop I bumped into Fetchies (katiec, Naomi P, BCRB & Dave B) and made our way into the stadium & zone C, where we saw Mrs Jigs, Rick OShay, Joopsy & Big Al - great timing as we had only to wait a couple of minutes or so for the start..

As it happens I didn`t hear the start - it only took 2 minutes or so to cross the line, and then the slow part getting out of the stadium & the narrow start but anyway. I had not really studied the course layout too much - I knew the 1st bit we had to do a number of times of times. As we headed into the park (1.5 M) the Red vest of a Sandhurst Jogger went past ... damm but nothing new there then :-) After a slow 1st mile we (Myself & Dave) had settled down to a nice pace - somewhere around the 3:40 pace..was I in PB (or close to PB shape???). I felt quite good as the miles ticked past - enjoying the course, seeing the other runners, having a chat with Dave. I think it was around the 5M spot we could see the lead pack on the other side of the road coming towards us - always good if that happens. Spotted so many Serpentine Vests. I was enjoying the course - snaking around the city, not knowing what was coming next.

Even as we moved towards the canal (8 M ish), it was OK - seeing the runners on the far side, listening to the numbers of barge playing music - we spotted our 1st walker (wow long day for someone) & saw a horse on the course (dangerous of what). We saw Malcolm (Running Crazy) just before 10M - I think we went through 10 M in 01:25:00 so all pretty good there & steady pace. This stretch (8 M to 15 M or so) was along the canal - found it a little tough but pace remained the same. Dave had stopped for a pee so I was on my own.

I guess around the 17.5 M area I notice my left hamstring tighten a bit (I decided not to wear my compression shorts - I had wondered if I feel any difference...) I thought I had only slow the pace a little bit (8:45 / 8:50 from 8:20) so it was a shame I saw my 1st 9.xx on the Garmin, followed by another one in the next mile. By this stage the weather was quite warm - my arm warmer had come off miles ago - I had tried to fluff around with the buff so at the next water station I took some time to sort that out..(10:15/m). The walking through the water stations then almost came a done thing as I found myself taking a break through the next & the next - I think my pace in between the stations was about 8:40/m pace but these breaks were adding minutes.. I was now off PB pace and off 3:45 (target) pace.

I thought going past the Heineken factory was a bit cruel but it did make me smile & there wasn`t too many miles left.. We headed back into the park (less than 3 Km maybe 4 Km to go) where I saw so many people walking. Under the 40 Km gantry (as it happens so the race data tells me I went though the 40 Km in exactly my PB to the second - 03:39:41). 2 Km to go - not far at all, 1 Km to go...around the corner and under the 500 metres to go sign...into the Stadium and into the home straight.

I don`t think I had a great race - 1st 17M was good but it was only 6 mins or so quicker then Athens - so I felt a bit of a fraud raising my arms up as I finished but it was another sub 4 done. I guess it`s not really a true PB unless it`s hard & tough going. I collected my bag without a problem & headed up into the stadium to wait for Dave and watch finishers. As it happens Dave finished shortly afterwards & we headed back onto the course to watch out for our Club`s Half-Marathon runners.

We stood at the 1 Km to go gantry. An excellent place too - the sun was out we could spot our vests a long way out plus they didn`t know we were there so the surprise value was great :-) Afterwards we met up in the stands to watch Dennis come through in an amazing time. In the evening we had decided to go for a Club meal (15 of us) & luckily enough we found a fantastic place & then made our way into the city for Post Race Running Crazy Party.......

The next morning, with well deserved hangovers we headed into the heart of Amsterdam for a Tourist day. I highly recommend the Bus with the canal tour a good way to spend 3 hours or so. The flight home was (surprisingly) uneventfully :-)

All in all a really good mini break with really good company.

Race stats -

5 Kilometer 27:07 (27:07)
10 Kilometer 52:57 (25:50)
15 Kilometer 1:19:02 (26:05)
20 Kilometer 1:45:11 (26:09)
Half marathon 1:51:04
25 Kilometer 2:11:31 (26:20)
30 Kilometer 2:40:13 (28:42) (20M I think was 02:52:xx)
35 Kilometer 3:10:02 (29:49)
40 Kilometer 3:39:41 (29:39)
Finish Time - 3:52:28

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 8:57(8:57/m) - 127cal
2) - 1m - 8:22(8:22/m) - 129cal
3) - 1m - 8:29(8:29/m) - 130cal
4) - 1m - 8:21(8:21/m) - 129cal
5) - 1m - 8:14(8:14/m) - 131cal
6) - 1m - 8:22(8:22/m) - 130cal
7) - 1m - 8:29(8:29/m) - 129cal
8) - 1m - 8:18(8:18/m) - 130cal
9) - 1m - 8:19(8:19/m) - 131cal
10) - 1m - 8:12(8:12/m) - 129cal
11) - 1m - 8:15(8:15/m) - 129cal
12) - 1m - 8:25(8:25/m) - 130cal
13) - 1m - 8:33(8:33/m) - 128cal
14) - 1m - 8:17(8:17/m) - 129cal
15) - 1m - 8:27(8:27/m) - 130cal
16) - 1m - 8:20(8:20/m) - 129cal
17) - 1m - 9:04(9:04/m) - 135cal
18) - 1m - 9:14(9:14/m) - 128cal
19) - 1m - 10:15(10:15/m) - 122cal - flaffing
20) - 1m - 8:59(8:59/m) - 129cal
21) - 1m - 9:30(9:30/m) - 129cal
22) - 1m - 9:35(9:35/m) - 129cal
23) - 1m - 9:19(9:19/m) - 132cal
24) - 1m - 9:58(9:58/m) - 129cal
25) - 1m - 9:13(9:13/m) - 130cal
26) - 1m - 9:32(9:32/m) - 129cal
27) - 0.4m - 3:29(8:42/m) - 52cal

Video Pt II

Next up - This Saturday night - Caesar`s Camp Midnight 30 - I best get out the rock climbing ropes & oxygen then............

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What a difference a day makes.....

After, and to be honest what was not the best week ever I wanted to blast out a fast parkrun & kick those head demons into touch. My `warm up` run was good - 3 laps of the Frimley Lodge parkrun course - a progressive 4.65M (8:45/m, 8:36/m, 8:32/m, 8:23/m, 5:15/m (8:06/m) ). I started the parkrun well - maybe a bit too fast but as I ran along the canal & just before where you turn off the canal I indicated to the Marshal that I was pulling out and stopped just past him. My mind was not into it, thinking about too much stuff - all pretty much negative. And that was that - my 1st DNF. I couldn`t really face the `walk of shame` so I jogged along the canal up the stairs and back along the road to start got changed & that was it.

Sunday was a trip down to safe ground for the Salisbury Half Marathon but more importantly it was a different day.

This was always going to be an easy, medium length run in a nice area on a different course (& cheap too at £14.00). I collected Dave at 7:30 am and drove the familiar route down the M3 & A303. We got there early, collected numbers & had a cup of tea. The great thing with the Salisbury races is that the parking right right opposite the start at the Fire Station. We had only taken a quick peak at the course - 1st few miles were the same as the last few miles with a loop in between the two & a hill somewhere around the 5 mile mark. After a quick short warm up, we made our way to the back of the starting area and after the race briefing off we went..

The 1st mile marker seemed to come around really quite quickly - I checked the garmin - 9:33/m. This was normal as Dave is almost always runs a progressive race. Even at this early stage it was just nice to run somewhere different, Miles 2, 3 & 4 came around - we kept the pace fairly steady. Mile 5 was nice as it was where the hill was - we kept the pace in-line with the pace of the race. Even coming down the hill at mile 6 it was constant - a couple of runners past us here. At this point it was almost the turn for home - it felt good, we wee still passing people (inc a group of ramblers that almost formed a road block !!). Upper, Middle & Lower Woodford was a pretty part of the course.

It was around this point (9M) that an elderly gentleman from Andover AC came past us (we had gone past him a few miles back - it`s the Club vest thing) & saw him race off into the distance - well till the next turn in the road anyway !. We carried on and soon enough we joined back the early part of the course - and we had picked up the pace which was nice. As we saw the Fire Station we remembered that we had to run past & around the field !!

Well what a cruel, cruel finish that was - you see the finishing gantry and heard the cheers so you naturally sped up - then run past the finish (well run past the side of it anyway).....round the corner, down a lane, down a track, then unto a field, around a corner, along the river, run along the far side of the cark parking area & around the last corner & under gantry.

Finished in 1:57:40 - and despite a few last speedy miles thrown in we never did quite catch that chap from Andover AC (Later stalked as a V70 runner).

An event well worth running up for, the goody bag was good too - which included a Buff (I`ve never received a Buff before as a race memento)

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 9:33(9:33/m) - 127cal
2) - 1m - 8:51(8:51/m) - 128cal
3) - 1m - 9:13(9:13/m) - 131cal
4) - 1m - 9:06(9:06/m) - 130cal
5) - 1m - 9:02(9:02/m) - 131cal
6) - 1m - 9:11(9:11/m) - 130cal
7) - 1m - 8:43(8:43/m) - 132cal
8) - 1m - 8:47(8:47/m) - 130cal
9) - 1m - 8:54(8:54/m) - 130cal
10) - 1m - 9:01(9:01/m) - 132cal
11) - 1m - 8:45(8:45/m) - 130cal
12) - 1m - 8:37(8:37/m) - 129cal
13) - 1m - 8:16(8:16/m) - 130cal
14) - 0.21m - 1:41(8:07/m) - 26cal

Other news - I`ve posted off my entry form the Sunrise To Sunset Challenge  on the 27th December (Start time 08:20 to 16:01 around a 0.84M course) plus entries for the Thunder Run 24 open soon........

Next up - An easy week, then the Amsterdam Marathon on the 16th with the Club & Running Crazy. Bring on the snow !!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


A delayed race report from my little trip down the canal at the JW Ultra.

Like most ultras, it`s a small event but don`t let that put you off entering because you will miss out on a real gem of an event, full of very nice runners, marshals, helpers & spot on organisers (& a bit like who`s who in running).

We start at Stratford Upon Avon and start at the same time as the relay runners. The first section is quite nice except the steps and then work along the Canal - again very nice except where the food fair is (smells of bacon butty etc) and then through Stratford. After that it`s Canal all the way. I had aimed for around the 5hr / 5hr 10min mark. A nice pace nothing too fast like last year (1st 16M at sub 9.00/m pace), and again I had planned to stop along the way to update folks on FB (*). As you can see from the photos it is such a nice route especially if the weather is kind.

I covered the 1st 6.57M in 63 mins (1st Gel)   & then the first checkpoint & relay change over point (approx 10 miles) at around 1:34, a quick grab of drink and off I went again. I stop for my 2nd gel at 12.75M (2hrs 4mins) and my 3rd at 17.63M (3hrs 2mins) – I went through the 2nd & final checkpoint / change over (approx 20M) at 3hrs 31mins. For info 26.2M in 4hrs 41 mins.

Now I had planned to take the latter part very easy but I was listening to Tony Audenshaw @ Marathon Talk talking about “*** your Legs” (show 88) on the ipod so I decided to sped up a bit.......this, however was my downfall as I was not paying attention to the route instructions (what bridges to cross, which canal to take at a intersection).....and I followed another runner (who I think was just out for a jog) and took the wrong turn at mile 28.4M.

I knew it was wrong when I ran out of canal (!!!!) & ended going up (always up) a steep slope into a housing estate.....I only went a mile the wrong way (which meant 2 miles extra of course). Nothing worse than being out on the course when the Garmin clicks over the event distance and you can`t see the finish...!!! As I neared the correct course I took a call from Yeti, who asked where I was, I replied “Where are you?” She said “she was at the finish” ....and I thought “I wish I was at the finish” Apparently I was spotted heading in the wrong direction....

That error cost me at least 25 mins – eventually I saw the finish and crossed the line (in a sheepish manner) in 5:45:20 having run 32:59 Miles (Last year I was 4:54) – I wonder if there is such a thing as `over, over distance training`???

Great event – I must do the short course again :-)

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 10:12(10:12/m) - 127cal
2) - 1m - 10:44(10:44/m) - 123cal
3) - 1m - 9:16(9:16/m) - 131cal
4) - 1m - 9:12(9:12/m) - 130cal
5) - 1m - 9:30(9:30/m) - 129cal
6) - 1m - 9:44(9:44/m) - 131cal
7) - 1m - 11:19(11:19/m) - 128cal *
8) - 1m - 9:38(9:38/m) - 130cal
9) - 1m - 9:39(9:39/m) - 130cal
10) - 1m - 9:07(9:07/m) - 129cal
11) - 1m - 9:57(9:57/m) - 128cal
12) - 1m - 9:31(9:31/m) - 126cal
13) - 1m - 16:03(16:03/m) - 129cal *
14) - 1m - 9:47(9:47/m) - 127cal
15) - 1m - 9:47(9:47/m) - 131cal
16) - 1m - 11:07(11:07/m) - 124cal
17) - 1m - 10:38(10:38/m) - 126cal
18) - 1m - 12:50(12:50/m) - 121cal *
19) - 1m - 10:09(10:09/m) - 127cal
20) - 1m - 10:54(10:54/m) - 126cal
21) - 1m - 12:17(12:17/m) - 130cal
22) - 1m - 11:22(11:22/m) - 124cal
23) - 1m - 12:24(12:24/m) - 119cal
24) - 1m - 15:30(15:30/m) - 122cal *
25) - 1m - 9:49(9:49/m) - 128cal
26) - 1m - 9:28(9:28/m) - 130cal
27) - 1m - 12:39(12:39/m) - 130cal **
28) - 1m - 10:24(10:24/m) - 129cal
29) - 1m - 10:25(10:25/m) - 119cal
30) - 1m - 14:36(14:36/m) - 119cal - opps
31) - 1m - 11:28(11:28/m) - 120cal
32) - 0.59m - 5:53(9:55/m) - 75cal

* Updating FB along the way

Result Link

Race Photos Link

Other stuff.

FETCH Mile (Friday 30th September)

I`ve been on one of those running tracks :-O A FETCH Mile - I know it was not going to be a PB attempt seeing as it was 6 days after the JW Ultra but I was pleased how I went about running 4 and a bit laps. I went in the sub 7:30 group with 3 others :-) After seeing so much of GO MO GO Farah over the summer I thought I would try to same not a his pace but to run at the back, which I did for the 1st two laps increasing the pace but still at the back running my own race. In the 3rd lap I picked up the pace even more but still didn`t feel flat out, come the 4th lap I thought I was moving nicely. With half a lap to go I still wasn`t pushing it and almost `cruised` (5:30 - 5:15 pace) through the line. I was a little surprised when I heard I ran 06:33 (I did forget to stop the Garmin) - which was only 5 seconds away from PB - so again it`s all about pacing. Nice place Palmer Park in Reading too & good company too.

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Julian Farrell 10Km (Sunday 2nd October)

Again never a PB attempt, for two good reasons. 1. A hilly course. 2. I wanted this 6 miles to be the second section of a medium run (it was as I ran 9 miles by myself beforehand). Despite being a local race I had never run it. So I thought it was about time I ran. I got there early & said hello to club mates & park runners. So enough we made our way to the starting area and without much of a fuss we were off. I thought steady 50 mins would be a good time all things considered. A small loop first then down past the start area and out unto the familiar Frimley Park 10Km route. Instead of turning left around the 6Km mark we carried on straight - well up would be the better word...what a killer drag up the pace had really slowed down. I thanked the helpers at the water station there & slowed down a bit for a soaking by hose. I was counting down the Kms here, thinking there must be one more hill before the finish - it never came. I came through the line in 50:52 (however the race results says 50:06) so not a bad result really.

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This week I`ve entered the fabulous named event......"Frozen Fat Ass 50Km" race in November - how cool is that :-) I really cannot wait to finish that one to say I`ve done that.

Other news - I`ll rather not go into but I never like giving up on anything or doing something I don`t want to do especially when my mind is made up but when do you decide to call it day?? :-(

Next up - the Salisbury Half on Sunday (easy / steady run), then the Amsterdam Marathon where I`m thinking a sub 3:45 would be good, then 6 days later the Caesars Camp Midnight 30 :-O I am glad of these long runs at the moment.