Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dusty Old Shoes.....

....Well ok maybe not this dusty but you get the idea.

(Is it just me that `Dusty Old Shoes` sounds like a song title, and no not by Jimmy Nail as that was `Crocodile Shoes`? )

Anyway & quickly moving on it`s been a while since I last blogged - and since that time I`ve run in total a magnificence 15 miles (my longest run being an ankle testing 4.5 miles).    Things have improved – no pain in the shin muscle when raising the toes now but still slight swelling in the tendon around the joint area on the ankle. The physio said there was also signs of Tenosynovitis (inflammation of the actual tendon, as well as the sheath) which is why it`s taking longer to improve than first thought.

I have not been bored thou – but didn`t hit the gym & pool as much as I thought I would thou. I have watched & marshalled a few races & parkruns. I marshalled both days at the Pilgrim Challenge (2 day x 33M) – one day was nearly a DNS for me as the car nearly got stuck in the snow...great weekend supporting those runners.  I watched the incredible good Wokingham Half – I was just before the 3 mile mark & it was such a great place to watch as no sooner had all of the runners gone past me on the way out the lead car came back with the lead runners trying to chase it down.

I guess it`s all about mind set when injured – it`s good to put something back into races, whether it`s donning a high viz jacket or giving other runners a cheer & abuse...err I mean encouragement when they go past.

Next event – jogging this Saturday at Frimley Lodge parkrun & really take it from there but I hope it will be the start of the comeback. I have also booked another Chi Running workshop next month.

I best clean off these shoes then :-)

Oh - if you go to the Virgin gym in Farnborough and use their weighing scales I think they are `a bit off`..........if you know what I mean :-O