Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Have a plan not a wish.

The main concentration for March was Manchester Marathon – not only would this be my 50th Marathon but importantly it was my shot at a sub 4 hour time. Unlike last year`s Comrades campaign, this time out I had only 3 Marathons as planned Comrades Pen qualifiers...

Athens Marathon in November (04:31:11 – Pen G) & Marathon Day Marathon in February (04:16:10 - Pen F) & this one in Manchester.

I am pleased to say I managed a steady paced run & finished strongly in 03:46:10. This got me into the same Pen as last year`s Comrades – Pen `D` (ahead of the Green Number Club). As I`ve not really focused on endurance speed or huge mileage but elevation so to end up with the same result as last year is really pleasing.

Interesting – Mileage last year from January to May was 614 miles….and this year it`s 622 miles, also my Pen D qualifier last year was London in 03:46:40
J  #Spooky

So all in all a pleasing steady Month with some good cross training.

April - Scores on the Doors...

Miles = 150.5 Miles (Yearly Total = 622 Miles)
Time On Feet = 23 hrs 33 mins 00 sec (Ave 09:27 pace)
Elevation =  9,912 ft (Total 44,512 ft) 
Highest Weekly Mileage = 50.7 Miles (End Of March / April)
Longest Run = 26.2 Miles (Manchester Marathon)
Longest `Time on Your Feet` Run = 3hrs 46 mins 04sec (Exc. Bag Reclaim time !!! )
Highest `Back To Back` Run / Miles = 5 Days / 43.5 Miles (End Of March / April)
Races = 2 (Combe Gibbet To Overton & Manchester Marathon)
Parkruns = 4 off

Bikram Yoga Sessions = 4 off (5 Hrs 00 Mins)
PT Sessions = 2 off (2 Hrs)
Sports Massage = 2 off
Bikes Miles = 95.4 Miles
Swim Sessions = 2 off (1.3 Miles)

Now the focus is on the race day…....re-reading of `Make sure of your Comrades Medal` will be in full flow.