Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rushed to not like that...

Ok slightly over dramatic `headline` - yes it was the Frimley Park (Hospital) 10Km :-)

A local event for me so put on the club vest – track other local club runners & pass them looking as fresh as possible – yes a must do event & all for a good cause too – money raised goes to the Heart 2 Heart appeal at Frimley Park Hospital.

The weekend started off as normal with a parkrun on Saturday – off to Richmond Park. A very nice one lap run with two very enjoyable miles, the third & final bit is not so great ! Remembering my aim to have sub 23 mins & my recent blow ups I started off well – 07:17, followed with another 07:17. During the 3rd mile was I blowing a bit but no-one was really passing me. I knew it was going to be close......I ran in & stopped the Garmin at....... 23:05 – just means I go back to this one too. (My 3rd mile was 07:55 !!!).

So Sunday morning & after a rare lie-in, I set off in a non-direct route to the hospital via the club – just under 5 miles (43 mins). I get there & straight away I bump into Dave from the club. We see Alison, Dave & Alan working hard as marshals & see the fun run go off. Soon enough we get to `warm up` & met up with the other Covies – Jacqui, Karen, Wendy, Pete apparently Martin is around too & having a bit of a joke with the `Opposition” . The start is always a chaotic affair here (gun to tape time) and after 40 seconds of so we off & running.

The plan `is a kind of race it but the course is horrid & I`m not at 10 Km race pace yet....just pleased don`t blow up` plan.

The 1st mile is on an incline, followed by a mile long incline in the 2nd. During the 3rd you get to the top of the course whilst going down & round a housing area. You can grab some water just past half you are going up the top of another rise but after that it is downhill. I settled in about 4 miles in – pleased with the splits & that I was passing folks – picking out `targets` & pushing on faster. Quick wave to Jean & Morris. Only a bit & a bit to go....can`t fade now. Under the motorway bridge & just over 0.5M left. Catching a few – a couple going past me... I`m going as fast as I can up that finishing straight towards the entrance to the hospital – you could say I`m rushing (see over-dramatic headline).

After getting my breath back – I`m quite pleased with the time – 47:11 (Garmin) – wouldn`t have minded being a bit closer to Martin & `I`m just jogging round` Dave but ok as a marker.

Splits - 7:47, 7:45, 7:42, 7:44, 7:35, 7:41, 0:58 (0.13m @ 7:19/m)

This week`s enjoyment came from a talk from Comrades King – Bruce Fordyce. An amazing two hours listening to him talk seriously whilst joking around. Great bit of advice about why we get injured – “Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast` - I guess you can use that for most applications when running – an amazing guy. Don`t worry I`m not off to run the Comrades now.......however the Two Oceans..... :-)

Next up – Marshalling at finishing area in the London Marathon. If you are running there then Good Luck & have a great run...hope to see some of you at the finish.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Normal service has resumed -

Well my two weeks of rest is up & I`ve nearly been good.

Only two runs – both parkruns – Black Park parkrun (24:59) & Poole parkrun (23:11) – ok I know that`s not jogging but it`s not often I find myself starting a race with double olympian Liz Yelling - apart from that….oh and the Chi Running hill session I`ve not ran for 2 weeks.

It`s been a bit odd really – lie ins on a Sunday morning, lack of piles & piles of washing, not really watching what you are eating & drinking (opps – crash course diet needed) – I did do a bit of cycling & swimming but it`s not really the same but generally rested well.

So tonight I met up with the club complete with newly returned Garmin (that also had a bit of recuperation with Mr. Garmin - some F30 software error). Only a gently jog but normal service has now re-started.

Running has not been totally out of mind – I`m planning my summer campaign or should that be cam-PAIN – yes it`s the short stuff season - I love running `short stuff` - it makes me smile.

I`m starting with the Hook 6 (A), then Woodland 5`s, BUPA 10,000 (A), Forest 5, Yateley 10Kms, Sam Run 10Km (A), maybe a Queens Mother Reservoirs 10Km too, not forgetting the relays….busy, busy, busy……

Don`t worry I`m still doing the longer stuff.

Nearly forgot - I`ve been given my job in the Virgin London Primary Finish Team - "A Hustler" I need to dig out my old pool cue????

Oh here`s something I knocked up one Sunday morning instead running the local hills

(Thanks to Martin for the photos)