Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The tricky stage......

Since the 1st March I`ve been `running`...well so far this month I`ve run 77 miles. I think I am being sensible - no banging in `fast` parkruns *, keeping mileage down, cutting out the odd run here & there, building up the `long` runs.

My `long` runs;

4th March   6.72 miles @ 10:09/m (av)
12th March 8.76 miles @ 10:26/m (av)
18th March 11.5 miles @ 10:39/m (av) - inc Tempest 10M in 1hr 45 mins.
25th March 13.1 miles @ 9.41/m (av) - Fleet Half in 2hrs 7 mins.

* As I said I think I`m being sensible - I did run a 25:11 parkrun but it was my birthday and it was `promote your club` day so when a couple of rival vests went past I knew my 30 mins plan was out of the window :-)

As for the Fleet Half - this was a major point in my recovery I so wanted to be in a position where I could run / jog those 13.1 miles (I had planned to run there & back), as for the latter part of the race on Sunday I did increase the pace for 2 good reasons;

  1. I did want to see what I had - I can confirm that I`m not in 9:00/m shape !!
  2. I did want to get ahead & importantly stay ahead of Peppa the Pig & Denise the Menace.
This Sunday I will be taking a more leisurely run around Reading with a couple of miles before making up to 15 & a bit.

As the injury improves & even though I do still feel it a bit, my tendon is improving I guess I am at the stage where it`s just so easy to make silly mistakes and ramp up miles too quickly or run too fast and slip backwards in my recovery.......hey at least I can see more stuff around me - it is amazing what you see out and about when you go slower.

My Chi Running workshop was kindly re-arrange to next month so I`m looking forward to it does give more time to read that book.

Next up - Reading Half, then the following weekend I might even try a `long` run with the club.