Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The tricky stage......

Since the 1st March I`ve been `running`...well so far this month I`ve run 77 miles. I think I am being sensible - no banging in `fast` parkruns *, keeping mileage down, cutting out the odd run here & there, building up the `long` runs.

My `long` runs;

4th March   6.72 miles @ 10:09/m (av)
12th March 8.76 miles @ 10:26/m (av)
18th March 11.5 miles @ 10:39/m (av) - inc Tempest 10M in 1hr 45 mins.
25th March 13.1 miles @ 9.41/m (av) - Fleet Half in 2hrs 7 mins.

* As I said I think I`m being sensible - I did run a 25:11 parkrun but it was my birthday and it was `promote your club` day so when a couple of rival vests went past I knew my 30 mins plan was out of the window :-)

As for the Fleet Half - this was a major point in my recovery I so wanted to be in a position where I could run / jog those 13.1 miles (I had planned to run there & back), as for the latter part of the race on Sunday I did increase the pace for 2 good reasons;

  1. I did want to see what I had - I can confirm that I`m not in 9:00/m shape !!
  2. I did want to get ahead & importantly stay ahead of Peppa the Pig & Denise the Menace.
This Sunday I will be taking a more leisurely run around Reading with a couple of miles before making up to 15 & a bit.

As the injury improves & even though I do still feel it a bit, my tendon is improving I guess I am at the stage where it`s just so easy to make silly mistakes and ramp up miles too quickly or run too fast and slip backwards in my recovery.......hey at least I can see more stuff around me - it is amazing what you see out and about when you go slower.

My Chi Running workshop was kindly re-arrange to next month so I`m looking forward to it does give more time to read that book.

Next up - Reading Half, then the following weekend I might even try a `long` run with the club.


  1. I am so pleased to see you are back doing what you love Kelvin and it is great to see that the underlying fitness still remains.

    Welcome back to the Dark Side, you are. :-)

  2. Thanks Jerry. So tempting to run faster than I really should.

  3. Mr K, pleased I provided you with some motivation! 67 secs ahead, I'll get you next year. Gavin Loader aka Peppa Pig!/gavinloader

  4. Thanks Gavin for the motivation. Well done yourself. Great effort.

  5. Great to hear about your comeback. Slow and steady, that is the way!

  6. Thanks UB, maybe I spoke too soon as the ankle / tendon has played up this week. Seems ok when moving up or down but I can feel any rotation move.