Tuesday, 15 November 2011

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old”

- Poppy Day Marathon – 11/11/11 @ 11:11am

It was only fitting that I signed up for this event as this time of the year is the anniversary of my Dad`s passing.

I got there early & met with some folks I knew – RFJ & Silent Runner from the parkrun, Jovi Runner from GRN & TR24, also there was Plodding Hippo, Trin, Foxy Davy, Paul, MX, Matt, AJH & Mark from JW Ultra. I even met someone who I`ve wanted to meet for ages Dave – he has run over 120 10Kms. The field of runners was really quite amazing - around the 60 mark but what was amazing to see the full range of experience there – Brian Mills running his 809th, someone else running there 1st & congratulations to a 100th being run.

Soon it was time to go over to the assembly area, we stood together listening to the race briefing, Foxy Davy (RD) turned to Paul who read out a couple of verses of `The fallen”

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Such a powerful verse. Yes we will remember them. Time does take the sharpness out of the loss but you never forget them. This is not a selfish thought as I know the Men & Women of the three Services do a heck of job often in difficult & dangerous circumstances, with seemingly more making the biggest sacrifices but my thoughts naturally turn inwards at this time. I will not go into too much detail as it was very emotional.....all very odd really and quite unexpected. I did run with them not far from my thoughts.

Afterwards photos were taken and we headed out to the start line – we had to do a small loop & then 7 larger loops. At the correct time we were off. It was nice to see the poppies on show or the Help the Heroes colours being worn (someone even had Help the Heroes socks on & TZ running with combat trousers on). My plan was not fixed - somewhere in the 3:50 – 4:10 region, which looking back was I guess the wrong idea. Too much scope - I think a 20 minute window over 26 miles was too much – smaller window next time esp. on a flat course. As we headed around the first loop I felt very comfortable, almost jogging really. I saw the group begin to snake down the path. In the second mile I pushed up the pace then settled back down around the 4:00hr pace.

This carried on but I was making sure paid attention to the course – I didn`t want to take a wrong turn. Soon enough we past the water station / finish point so had a bit of fun with the helpers there & carried on. Even at this early stage I wanted to run the complete way without stopping – doesn`t sound much it`s something I have not done for a while – run a complete marathon.

I was happy with my pace, the only thing I wasn`t too happy with was the tightness of my left ankle – I managed to pick up this niggle from previous Friday where I ran 15M on a track while breaking in new trainers (the trainers I had on) – I thought it was having the laces done up too tight which made the front of the ankle quite sore. Eventually (in the 11th mile) I had to stop to retie my laces – ggrrrrrr. (Not a walking stop so ok ish) unsure why doesn`t show on the Garmin as a stop I don`t know.

I carried on but the pace was slowing down – gels every 60 mins but I took my 1st drink at around 17 & bit miles – I tried to pick the pace up but couldn`t get back to 9.00 / 9.10. Still the miles ticked past & the laps counted down. Soon enough the 1st of speedy runners came past – which is actually nice to see. I think it was 6 Men & the 1st Lady that went past. Despite my decreasing speed I was managing to overtake a few runners & even lapped a couple myself I gave some encouragement where I could. My ankle was still bugging me – not painful as such just making me aware that all is not ok.

Suddenly I was on my last lap – all very odd as none of this `20M` mental barrier with these laps - I guess looking back the 3rd from last lap was the toughest. Shortly after I had started my last lap I went passed RFJ – this should not happen in any race except the egg & spoon race I guess. He was not too well but I knew he was going to finish & it was his last lap too so not too long to go. I had guessed my expected time from 2 laps out & was just about to hit that if I was lucky with the final pickup pace.

As I went around the final corner I made for home – just about managing to sprint past a walker :) I was congratulated by FD & handed one of the nicest medals I have – cracking design.

(photo pinched)

My time – 4:10:57 (& ran all the way)

I grabbed my bag, put on some warm clothes, had a drink & a few nibbles & watched several other runners finish. After about 10 / 15 mins we headed inside for a drink at the bar, a bit of hot food & a chat. Which was nice – so many racers (like parkruns) people just leave. Top tip here – Afterwards go for a coffee & a talk running as it`s nearly as good as running.

Super event FD - thanks

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 9:17(9:17/m) - 116cal
2) - 1m - 8:45(8:45/m) - 118cal
3) - 1m - 9:03(9:03/m) - 117cal
4) - 1m - 9:10(9:10/m) - 117cal
5) - 1m - 8:50(8:50/m) - 118cal
6) - 1m - 8:59(8:59/m) - 117cal
7) - 1m - 9:01(9:01/m) - 118cal
8) - 1m - 9:10(9:10/m) - 117cal
9) - 1m - 9:01(9:01/m) - 118cal
10) - 1m - 9:07(9:07/m) - 118cal
11) - 1m - 9:46(9:46/m) - 118cal *
12) - 1m - 8:56(8:56/m) - 118cal
13) - 1m - 9:07(9:07/m) - 118cal
14) - 1m - 9:13(9:13/m) - 119cal
15) - 1m - 9:18(9:18/m) - 118cal
16) - 1m - 9:27(9:27/m) - 119cal
17) - 1m - 9:53(9:53/m) - 119cal
18) - 1m - 10:11(10:11/m) - 119cal
19) - 1m - 9:45(9:45/m) - 119cal
20) - 1m - 10:08(10:08/m) - 119cal
21) - 1m - 10:25(10:25/m) - 119cal
22) - 1m - 10:16(10:16/m) - 120cal
23) - 1m - 10:27(10:27/m) - 120cal
24) - 1m - 10:47(10:47/m) - 117cal
25) - 1m - 10:49(10:49/m) - 120cal
26) - 1m - 10:17(10:17/m) - 119cal
27) - 0.2m - 1:50(9:07/m) - 23cal

Race Results - LINK

What`s next – well I don`t really know.

I do have the `Frozen Fat Ass 50Km` down for the 27th but I do think my ankle needs rest now as it did swell up & with my busy year next year it might be the best idea – but we will see. Oddly enough I do have a scheduled Medical at the Doctor`s next week I may fully rest till then & see how it goes then.......

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Adidas Thunder Run 24hr

Category – Solo Man

Wwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & gulp :-)

I guess I better look at training plans & future races - I do like this one already The "Pony "Express" New Forest Ultra

(I think I will do this one for charity so if I do rattle the penny jar please give generously - thanks)

.....boing, boing....

Advice tips & Ideas for training.....

"My tips for the TR24. Training wise just get miles in your legs. I did 200+ miles in the two months leading up to the event, the longest single training run I did was 43 miles.

On the event itself you need to go for every lap at a similar pace from start to finish, the guy who won did pretty much every one of his 20 laps @ 1h10 or there abouts. Keep eating all the time and keep your electrolytes up, plan your food in advance. If you can get someone to support you to help with kit changes and food it is a massive help, regular sock & top changes are a big boost. With breaks I would avoid sitting down at al, just keep moving and take food on your walk breaks, walk all the hills...you can walk this circuit at a brisk walk of about 1h 25l. Caffeine drinks help with the night time."

Also links Utra Disco Stu blog TR24 - 2010

This is what it`s all about.....