Friday, 29 July 2011

DNS = Did Not Scribe...

No I haven`t managed to write the race reports for the races prior to this weekend`s Thunder Run 24 hr.

I can say the Woodlands 5 & a bit (42:43) & Yateley 10 KMs (49:49) are as good as ever. The Sam Run is a fantastic event (49:49 yes another 49:49) which should be much bigger than it is (everyone note for next year). The Elstead Marathon is not a marathon but a wonderful village race over mixed surfaces - road, sand, trails & even has a river crossing over 5.4 Miles (43:50) - they don`t like to advertise this race but keep your eyes open for it next year. Going to one of the pubs in the village afterwards was really good too.

If you only did say 3 races next year then I really would say the New Forest 10 (01:22:50 ) must be one of three (plus the Poole parkrun (22:57) the day before :-)) - it is a great race. The whole weekend was just great - camping in the site just behind the race start, running, BBQ afterwards, big club turnout, the loads of faces I knew - just a great weekend. I aimed for 8.00`s but backed off & almost jogged the last two miles - maybe too early for 8:00`s but at least I have a bench mark & no harm was done.

I also managed to take part in this year`s Bounders Relay - an excellent race where teams of 4 all run 2 miles legs of hilly, off-road loop (where the Woodlands 5 is held). Last year Cove entered two teams - this year we entered 4 teams, this included two brand new members - brilliant. Hoping to have 5 teams next year. Great evening`s fun.

Next up the Thunder Run 24 - which is big but next year it`s even bigger. ;-)

Must dash...........

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A question.

Is writer`s block - well more precisely blogger`s block` a sports injury?

If so can anyone suggest a suitable treatment as like most injuries they come on at the worst possible moment - as I have 5 race reports to write (inc a whole weekend in the New Forest) & a chat with Ultra Runner Dean Karnazes......

Next event (not to write up about) - The Thunder Run on the 30th July - sigh.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Going off-road

Forest 5 -

One could easily mistake this event as Cross Country event as there are club vests everywhere - Bracknell Forrest Runners, Sandhurst Joggers, Reading Road Runners, Runnymede Runners, Fleet & Crookham AC, Chineham Park, Farnham Runners etc etc - I do say `mistake this` as I`ve never run a proper XC event - that could change this Winter.... there were mountain bikers everywhere but that`s just cheating.

Last year I managed to talk a `non-running` mate into running this event - he must of enjoyed it as he entered again this year So we get there early and go for a warm up (1.3M @ 9.39/m), we get back and meet Dave & Dennis (other Cove Joggers) in the car park & made our way to the start. The start is a bit congested so I held back at the start (see time difference - 17`s) despite the uphill 1st mile & the heavy legs the trail began to clear. I knew the legs would be tired after Sunday`s 10Km so I decided to wear my new Compression Calf sleeves & bouncy shoes but still felt hard work The 2nd mile is down-hill mile so it felt easier - I didn`t know the splits as I`m not looking at the Garmin as I go round.

Just after the 2M beep we turn a sharp-ish corner & go up a incline. I pushed up a bit here but soon the advantage was lost as a couple of the group I was running join up again - damm what a rookie. Then it`s the turn of the hill at around 2.25M - all I am trying to do is keep it steady. I pass a few runners here which is good & see a couple of `vests` in front (no names being mentioned). I had forgotten how lumpy this course was as for some reason I thought it was down hill after the earlier hill (I was in a state of shocked) but pushed on. I was passing more runners than runners passing me so all good there I guess. I still couldn`t catch Jon from Chineham but at least he wasn`t gaining ground either.

I remembered from last year (due to twists & turns, ups & downs) the course came up short on the Garmin so I was pleased to hear the 4M beep - again taken back up the numbers of ups & downs we still had to go before the finish line but soon enough it was the downhill run-in & through the finish.

Afterwards I sat down & caught up with various folks - got to say hello to emdee which was good.

Race data;

Splits - 08:21, 07:43, 07:57, 08:06, 07:21 (0.9M @ 08:09/m)

Garmin time - 39:28
Gun to tape time - 39:45

Good fun & well worth turning up for - for the racing & catching up with a few folk.

Next up - Elstead `Marathon` (5.4M) via Woodland 5 & a bit