Saturday, 7 January 2012


Yeap been benched for 3 weeks as per the lovely lady at Physiotherapy Practice

I sent an e-mail on Tuesday morning, Sally phoned me back that afternoon & I was booked in on Thursday night for an appointment. How late does she work, anyway after going through my recent running history and looking at it she said it was an `overuse` injury. I was shocked.

Ok, not that shocked - I had over done it during the Christmas break - it would seem running Ultras & Marathons are ok but 5 parkruns in a short space of time is over doing it...Only joking I was chasing the miles doing doubles & streaking - opps.

I have Tibialis Anterior Tendon Sheath inflammation on the left leg just above the ankle - I guess linked to a problem I got after the 15M track session I did months ago. Anyway one session down - quite wierd watching my toes flex uncontrollable whilst being zapped & some serious ultrascanning, with another session booked next week. Hey at least I can get on the bike, hit the gym & I guess my 1st love - the pool - it`s bound to be empty in January !!!

This is the 2nd time I`ve had this injury. Last time was upper shin & on the other leg, the cause then was sprinting down Box Hill during the Midsummer`s Munro (July 09) - I love that hill.

Looking on the bright side I will be fully rested when I start my TR24 training plan next month - which must be a good thing.

Next up.....for my mate is the Stubbington Green 10Km next Sunday (with proper runner exchange in place & agreed with Race Director).