Saturday, 24 October 2015

They say a journey starts with a single step.........................

....but who says that `step` needs to be a physical one ????

I have come to realise I`m an `all in or not interested` kind of guy. Any commitment, idea, goal or dream I have needs to be locked in mentally.

This year`s goal was to finish the Comrades - which I found incredible tough. What I also found tough was resting - I guess the trouble with finishing a race like Comrades was the feeling of being invincible. To my shock I have found I`m not but this has not stopped me from entering next year`s Comrades - yes I`m going back.

For me, to finish the Comrades - 56 miles in 12 hours - was tough & so amazing so to do it again and in back to back years will be a bigger and more difficult challenge. I will need to up my game.

My physical training plan is coming together with some interesting events, with a heathly mix of PT sessions, bike sessions & more Bikram yoga sessions. Most of this starts after I fully recover from my Ab strain, hopefully the double XC season will make me stronger.

One thing I have started on to achieving this goal of mine is my mental training. I was recently lent two books about Comrades - "Bruce Fordyce - Comrades King" & "Just Call me Wally - Wally Haywood!" (thanks Chris) - which I am enjoying.  I AM locking in this dream.

I have just come back from spending a whole day`s seminar with Les Brown - wow what an inspiration & motivating day.

Below are some of my `notes` - they may not make sense to you as I write then today (& may add more) but in the months to come when I read back I`m sure they will & push me on.
  • "Go Big, Stop playing small! "
  • "Hope in the future is power in the future"
  • "Program yourself for success"
  • "Be the best version of you"
  • "It`s not where you start, it`s where you are going"
  • "Want more of those `I can`t believe it`s me` moments"
  • "Push the limits"
  • "Mind-set Resilience"
  • "Choose your future"
  • "Problems are empowerment"
  • "Master something you love"
  • "Picture your Goal"
  • "Say YES to your dreams"
  • "Override that head-trash"
  • "It`s now or never - my dreams can`t wait"
  • "Invest in yourself"
  • "Don`t wait to live your dreams"
  • "Not too impress but to inspire"
  • "Now is the time to live my Dreams"
  • "I can do this"
  • "Have the will to do this"
  • "Courage, Will, Perseverance & Skill"
  • "Speak from the Heart"
  • "Create Experiences"
  • "Run after your Dreams" - yes Les Brown said that to me !
  • "Sometimes you need to believe someone else has faith in you" 
  • "OQP - Only Quality People"
  • "Let Go or be Dragged"
  • "Surround yourself with like minded people"
  • "The Distance between your Dreams and Reality is Action"
  • "Don`t stop believing"

I promise not to leave it not so long before I blog again.

Enjoy whatever you do (esp if it`s XC).