Monday, 21 May 2012

On the road again.....

Not wanting to upset the Running Gods but I think I`m getting there. After I ran the Fleet Half in March I was still planning to jog around London but I wanted to run without the constant thoughts about the ankle. So I decided to rest up completely again.

My monthly mileage since the start of the year is 6M for Jan, 12M Feb, 82M March & 33M for April.

Whilst I was happy with the recovery of the initial problem I wasn`t happy with a click that has developed - it only happens when I bring the toes in from left to right & I was concerned that it was bone rolling around somewhere it shouldn`t so I went to Physios again. Nothing to worry - basically my arch on the left foot is dropping which is putting pressure on the front tendons making them inflamed which then clicks. The answer is to wear `Formthotics` - the jury is out at the moment on these at the moment but I`m giving them a try. He did say I can run but no more than 20 miles a week. This limit is quite challenging itself as it`s a mid week run, parkrun (plus W/U) & a Sunday run but it`s quite fun too. So far I`m on 60M for May but the important thing is that I cannot feel or constainstly thinking about the ankle when I running. I do think of my form, drills & lessons learnt from the recent Chi Workshop which is good.

Bearing in mind all this I have changed my plans & targets for the year - no longer doing the Solo Thunder Run (this year) as I wanted a real crack at 15 laps or maybe 16 laps. My training plan was to follow a 100 mile training plan (taken from Relentless Forward Progress – Bryon Powell) but I`ve missed so much training & pulled out of many races already that this postponement is the best option. I will be there as part of a mixed 5 - I guess it`s one of the few times I can be called a lightweight of a group :-) If you don`t believe me then...

The photo on the right was taken last September at around mile 10 of the Great North & the one on the left was taken shortly after I found a ball during a recent parkrun.

It is nice to be able to run again - running for the fun of it. A couple of weeks ago it was the Frimley Park 10Km (52:26) and then last week I totally enjoyed the Alton Ten - a new event for me. Set around the hills of Alton & for the bargain cost of £9.00 I couldn`t resist it plus seeing as it was hilly I knew I would not be fast plus my stride would be shorter than normal when I tackled the many, many hills. Even thou I wasn`t racing & was my longest run since Fleet I was pleased with my time of 1:34 :56 (unsure what`s happened with the Garmin connect timing splits but e-mail has been sent to Garmin)

Basically I wanted to know that if I could do the Alton Ten then I could one of my favourite events of the year - the Hook 10. I do like this one - 4th year on the trot but last year I did do the 6M event. Again the plan was not to race it (unsure if I`ll be able to `race` the NF10 in July) but to finish with a good run under my belt. Yes it was tempting to run hard but on the whole really pleased with effort & finishing time. I kept the pace steady & constant with a push towards the end the only disappointed was the post race analysis of the garmin data - again poor recorded timing splits. Must remember to charge the 305. BTW Cracking medal.

My current plan is to build up the running & then after the TR24 is to move to the longer distance later in the year.

9th June - South Downs Half Marathon

8th July - New Forest 10

28th July - TR24 (mixed team of 5)

16th Sept - Pilgrims Marathon

20th Oct - Caesars Camp

I do have my eye on one for the Salisbury events - 30Km, 42Km or the 50Km in August, and maybe just one or two other events ;-)

Next up - is my jog around London - BUPA 10,000............................must remember it`s this Sunday & not Bank Holiday Monday.

Seeing as I`m posting music videos - I quite like this one...