Thursday, 20 May 2010

Aye, aye Captain steady as she goes....

Queen Mother`s Reservoir 10 Km

Ok so recently I`ve not been running as quick as I would have liked, but what is actually worse than that is my running discipline - posture & splits - have gone AWOL.

Basically I wasn`t really looking forward to the Queen Mother`s Reservoir 10 Km so much so that I did have thoughts of DNS this one but decided in the end that running on a flat surface around a water reservoir for 6.2 miles would actually be good for me - I wasn`t looking to race this one - maybe 50:00 mins. My legs were a bit tired - I was even wearing my full lengths 2XU`s to help out.

Met up with Sue & Nick, who shocked me by saying they were only doing the 5 Km (I didn`t even think about doing the shorter distance). Fluffed around a bit, and after a short warm up it was time to start. The plan was to keep it steady - the first km marker came around a little bit too quickly, slowed it down. I could have chased a few runners who went passed but I didn`t. 2 Km came up - a bit slower but ok. 3rd & 4th Kms were the same pace - I was feeling generally ok at this pace. A couple more runners slowly past me - kept with my plan thou.

Through half way is a good pace - i.e. I didn`t sped up to look good. Splits were bang on each other which was really pleasing - did wonder when or if they would slow....opps famous last words - a slight increase, then another increase - I WASN`T going to fade. Tweaked the pace a little & pushed through till the end.

Caught a few of the runners who past me in the race in the final Km which was good.

Through the line in not the quickest 10 Km I`ve ever done but would say it might have been the most pleasing & constant km splits I`ve done.

Pleased I turned up in the end for two reasons -

1. I enjoyed the running part
2. Because it`s a good event.

For those who want the stats....

Split Summary
1) - 0.62m - 4:23(7:05/m) - 149bpm avge - 157bpm max - 78cal
2) - 0.62m - 4:41(7:34/m) - 157bpm avge - 160bpm max - 82cal
3) - 0.62m - 4:40(7:32/m) - 159bpm avge - 161bpm max - 82cal
4) - 0.62m - 4:39(7:30/m) - 159bpm avge - 160bpm max - 82cal
5) - 0.62m - 4:39(7:30/m) - 161bpm avge - 162bpm max - 83cal
6) - 0.62m - 4:40(7:32/m) - 161bpm avge - 163bpm max - 82cal
7) - 0.62m - 4:45(7:39/m) - 161bpm avge - 163bpm max - 83cal
8) - 0.62m - 4:51(7:50/m) - 161bpm avge - 164bpm max - 81cal
9) - 0.62m - 4:41(7:33/m) - 162bpm avge - 166bpm max - 83cal
10) - 0.62m - 4:38(7:29/m) - 164bpm avge - 167bpm max - 81cal
11) - 0.01m - 3(5:23/m) - 166bpm avge - 166bpm max - 1cal

Garmin time - 46:41

Heart Rate Zone Summary
HR Zone: 80-147bpm (Sub 70%): 3.1%
HR Zone: 147-151bpm (71-75%): 1.6%
HR Zone: 151-156bpm (76-80%): 4.1%
HR Zone: 156-161bpm (81-85%): 43.9%
HR Zone: 161-166bpm (86-90%): 45.6%
HR Zone: 166-170bpm (91-95%): 1.7%

Pace Zone Summary
Pace Zone: 6:20-6:39/mile: 3.2%
Pace Zone: 6:40-6:59/mile: 4%
Pace Zone: 7:00-7:19/mile: 14.4%
Pace Zone: 7:20-7:39/mile: 42.9%
Pace Zone: 7:40-7:59/mile: 28.3%
Pace Zone: 8:00-8:19/mile: 3.4%

Next up is the Doking 10 this Sunday - A hilly course, where I shall be running at MP in preparation to the North Devon Marathon which is also hilly so I`ve been told :-)

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