Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Breaking the habit....

BUPA 10,000

It felt quite good to go back to London after April`s race. It was my 2nd time doing the BUPA, last year, due to the re-arranged Wokingham Half I didn`t race it but this year it was different even thou I have lost some of my speed compared to where I was last year I just had to beat 48:19.

Met up with WTS & later on RLTW in almost the same place as last year - no lucozade freebies as the ques were far too long. With about 30 mins to go we made our way to the baggage drop & the starting area. Stopped off to chat to Ian (& Katie, Sue & Lyn), arrive in my pen still in plenty of time - chatted to Tiptoes before the start. Clapped in the elites - big cheer for Mo.

So the plan was to get as close as I could to my PB without racing off like a loon at the start. Basically in the 45 - 46 area It was pretty good start, maybe a touch fast but I felt in control - I adjusted my pace after hearing the 1st Km beep rather than being forced to slow down. Kept think about the lean forward, shorter strides, loose ankles. Saw Alison (another Covie) some when before the 2Km marker & kept behind her - I could have caught her but I would run my own race, kept thinking lean, short strides. Just afterwards I passed her - OK maybe a bit too fast. Slow down.

Huge amount of support along the way and we hadn`t got to he water station yet - massive cheers for Fetch there (thanks), up the slope - that helped to slow things down, maybe too much. I always seem to run on the left hand side of the road - near the supporters as you get so many shouts along the way.

Over the 5 Km mats in around 22.30 - not too bad, close to my 5Km PB of 21.53 but I would struggle with hitting the 10 Km PB as I worked out 22.30 x 2 + 1min = 46 mins, damm. Meanwhile as I was running along working this out I was losing pace - foot down time. Swinging those arms, lean. The next few Kms passed by - running out of Km markers. Passed the outgoing runners on the other side - massive cheers, kept pushing forward. Passed 9 Km around the corner & up past the pub (Lord Moon of the Mail) seeing Trafalgar Column (Q. Were there any more sights along the route to see ??? lol ).

Didn`t think of the "I`m not a 400 metre runner` as I went past those signs, pushed through till the finish as I knew it was close....

Was funny as I stopped the said 46:08 - another 08 finish at London - bugger !!!

Splits - 4:17, 4:19, 4:29, 4:44, 4:41, 4:51, 4:36, 4:40, 4:36, 4:37, 0:20

Garmin - 46:08:67 (Chip time - 46.05 - 5Km - 22:53 - they`ve had a few problems)

Didn`t really mind too much about being over 46.xx (ok slightly under would have be better) but my running recently hasn`t shown any signs of that pace so I`m pleased.

Afterwards met up with Sue & Lyn and WTS & some more new & old friends for a RW `s social in the Lord Moon...

Great event - and I`m in again next (might be doing Edinburgh so that would be fun thou !!!)

Next up is Yateley 10Km tonight !

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  1. I like what it says at the top of your blog... You're right - I spend too much time blogging, talking and reading about running, and not enough time doing it!