Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A quick round up....

A quick round up then...

Yateley 10Km

So after running the BUPA 10,000 on Bank Holiday Monday, I was running the Yateley 10Km on the Wednesday night. Didn`t see this much as a major problem as the year before I ran two 10Km three days apart (oddly enough the Yateley 10Km (45.34) on the Wednesday night & then the very flat Dorney Dash on the Saturday - 45.12 my current PB), however the differences in this year`s training programme is hugely different (note I`m not mentioning the age thing).

So come race night and my quads are rock hard - even warming them up by cycling the 6 or so miles there didn`t release them - I thought to myself "tonight is going to be fun". This is a great event as there are so many people I know there. Settled in the starting position, chatted to a couple of people from the parkrun and off we went. Don`t know who it was but the fast chap at the front zoomed off and was it clear space in no time - looking at the results I guess he was caught up. The race plan was simply - see how fast I could run with tired legs - essentially I was using this as Thunder Run training - laps of 10Km in a relay event. This event is also a big meet up for my Club - ok mainly in the supporting role but it`s good to see support out on the course. Their support place was next to the pub - Cove Joggers - top Athletic Club don`t you know! I went passed & nearly got hold of someone`s beer - would have been a tough call if I had got it. They were still there when I went passed with half a Km to go. All about endurance I suppose!!

Anyway an enjoyable run - chatting to so many folks along the way, looking at the garmin when it beeped rather than looking at it for a time. Kept it steady, free running in the best way. Went though the line - semi pleased with race time would have liked a quicker time but legs were heavy - but afterwards it was the splits I was really happy with;

Splits - 5:04, 4:55, 4:43, 4:31, 4:47, 4:48, 4:52, 5:03, 5:03, 4:49, 0:32 (0.08m)

Time - 49.07

Cooled down by cycling to the pub - I do like the Yateley 10Kms series. Great event.

Next month`s one will also be a toughie to race.

Other news

Due to the forthcoming marathon I needed to get some long runs under my belt, so a couple of Saturday`s ago I was out the door at 6.40 am (!!!) - all dressed up in marathon gear for a long run before the local Frimley Lodge parkrun. So along a very quiet main road and up past the golf course and unto a smooth long footpath. Did seem to go on a bit but soon enough it was time to turn onto the canal. I do think the canal is great place to run esp when its early & quiet so much wildlife if you keep your eyes open. In what seemed no time at all the 5th mile beep went off - great .... breakfast time - a smart GEL - my favourite . Carried on, keeping the pace steady. I wanted to go around the 9.10 m/m pace - not great pacing but close-ish (6.5 / 10), Took a couple of photos @ 7M and stopped @ 10M to look across the lake to enjoy the view & another gel. Got to Frimley Lodge just over the 1hr 50 min (11.92M) with half hour or so to spare. Chatted to a couple of club runners I knew before the start. A good run - a progressive run (25.41) and 2 miles home. A good start to the day - 17 miles all before 10.30am.

I had planned to run in the Alresford 10Km on Sunday but I still had the effects of Friday`s LSR in my legs (19.98M) so it was a DNS - a shame but I think a sensible decision (left hamstring thanks me for that) but I did pop down to support...and eat ice creams - well I had to do something while I waited :-) So pleased I did pop down as you see events in a totally different way - it was just fantastic to see

This week - a couple of unusual distances - tomorrow`s 5M & Sunday`s 30Km which I`m looking forward to. Then next week off to sunny Devon for a long weekend to see the sea and do a bit of running. Then it`s Wimbledon time :-)

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