Monday, 21 June 2010

Getting there.....

Forest 5

Been looking forward to this event for weeks. Why, you might ask - well a couple of reasons - firstly and despite the number of events I do I had not entered this event before and secondly my 4 previous 5 mile races had been over the same hilly (x 4 hills) course so my 5 Mile PB is very weak (41:55) so weak in fact I normally beat during every race.

I had looked up my 5 mile split time during the Tadley 10 (36:25) & Brass Monkey Half (37:15) so even thou this course wasn`t flat or on road like those two I thought 38:30 (7.8 or 7.42m/m) would be achievable so that`s what I wrote on the back of my number (7.42m/m - 7.8).

Got there early as my mate wanted to run to, and after a little warm up. Loads of folks I knew - Jock, Gymfreak, Corona, several of my club mates were there plus a couple of folks from another local jogging club :-) I had been over Swinley Forrest before so I knew roughly what was to come.

The start was a bit tight and I got a bit caught up - but the steady start might pay off later. Saw the first mile marker go past (7.52). The tracks seemed to open up during the second so it was a bit faster (7.28) - slightly ahead. During 3M I was passed by a couple of runners I knew (inc the Club Secretary) we turned down this track and came across the first hill - not good. Clicked through 3M at 8.00 - ok to my thinking I was there or there abouts. Found the next mile hard - not really the course but by the numbers appeared to be passing me - clocked at 8.12. At this rate I thought I was going to miss my PB let alone my target. so I pushed in the last mile - gained a few places which is nice (plus the course appeared to be down hill) - caught three or four runners near the line. Looked down at my watch - 38.37. Glad I took it steady at the start.

Seven seconds - how I got there was more luck than judgement but a PB is a PB.

I`ll be back next year as it`s a good midweek trial race - never been given a key ring before as a memento.

Getting there but still looking for a flat 5M road race as I know I can get lower.

Next up is the North Down`s Way - a hilly off-road 30Km event - highly rated by RW last year.

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