Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tomorrow is a planned rest day

The year so far plus Tadworth 10 race report

Bright and busy start to the year – 3rd day & clocked up 3 races – I know too many but it`s sooo great to be outside & running.

Two of these races were parkruns (both Basingstoke) – 23.39 on New Year`s Day & 23.05 yesterday, which maybe a little on the faster side than I wanted but happy enough as today`s race was never going to be a PB attempt, more of a leg stretcher – a training run at a faster than normal pace. I didn`t even look up last year`s time.

Last night I kept checking the website just in case it was cancelled as there is a road section that`s pretty fast downhill & then turns 90 degrees left that might be of concerned but no dreaded note being posted up. Arrived there in plenty of time as I wanted to see the conditions – yep COLD. After fluffing around with shoes & gloves (felt like a right tart) – went with the Mizuno Wave Harrier II. A mile warm up – basically that`s how far the start is away from the car park we formed into the starting area. One of the funniest starts I think I`ve seen – the starter, after sounding the hooter begging not to be knocked off the small steps he was standing on as the runners went either side of him.

After a slow start we made our way down off the racecourse, just inside the path I saw Mr Itch sitting down holding his ankle – never a good sight to see a runner of that calibre down & out. A few metres up another runner out. Mile one marker came up – mmm too slow really. Pushed on, up the muddy track which had a nasty rise to it but happily passing runners. Due to the icy conditions I made sure I shorten my stride & kept my feet under me otherwise one Bambi`s older brother impression coming right up. Mile two quicker. Mile three & four quicker still – getting back to the time I ideally wanted (1.20 – 8m/m), then came mile five beep – opps but it was uphill along Ebbisham Lane but my quick calculation ok-ish. Unto lap two, down the hill & up the muddy narrow path – I`m sure it wasn`t this steep earlier. Mile Seven beep came up - 9 mins 23 seconds /mile – what happened there – drifter into ultra pace – not good!! Only three miles to regain any time. Down the step road section and into the connecting woods & up along the lane again and through the finish.

A bit disappointed with time as ended with 1.22.52 but all in all an excellent training run. (Just for info - Last year`s time 1.24.03 but I know I didn`t race the two days before & it wasn`t so icy.)

Splits 8:50, 8:36, 7:44, 7:42, 8:13, 7:58, 9:33, 8:11, 7:49, 8:17

A good early year testing event with friendly & encouraging Marshalls – the brass band at the start & finish was an added nice touch (as was a thermos of hot coffee waiting for me back in the car – must be getting old..)

Back in time for an extra long soak in the gym `s Jacuzzi.

Other News;

Virgin London Marathon plan is drawn up. Main areas of concerns – keeping the runs as scheduled (miles & pace) but fitting around in my general weekly plans. Ohhh and keeping those races in check but generally (ish) they fit with maybe the exception of Maidenhead 10 on Good Friday. Also disappointed to see that during wk 8 it does not say “30 mile – easy” as my planned Moonlight 32 ultra would have fitted in nicely....maybe one race for next year then. J

Next Race – Next Sunday Stubbington Green 10Km.

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  1. Disappointed wk 8 doesn't say "30 miles - easy"


    Same for me, pesky youngest child had to have a birthday on the 28th, didn't he ;-)

    Shhh though, think I will do Blackpool Marathon as a "training run"