Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Red flag to a bull...

I want to enter this race but I do not have the 4.30 marathan qualiflying time - due to the fact I have not run a marathon - I have run 2 ultras (Midnight 30 = 6hrs 50mins & DotD = 5hrs 22mins). I sent them a carefully worded e-mail and this is their reply...names & events have been deleted..


I am sorry but your times in the walking event, caesars camp trail and the Doyen of the Downs 30 are not comparable at all with a marathon race.

The `Blankety Blank` is not a fun or walking event where competitors can take all the time they want.

There will still be places left for the `Blank`, probably, after the London marathon so if you achieve the qualifying time of under 4:30, I can accept your entry.

We have to have all competitors off the moors by the cut-off time of 1600 hours which is why we have a qualifying time. Your times, at the moment, are not good enough to achieve this.


`Blankety Blank`

Saucy fellar - I am not terrible happy with this but will use this to motivate me so I have decided to write out a cheque & entry form (Dated the 25th April 2010) and I really hope there are places left so I can post off said cheque & entry form on the afternoon of the 25th April using the nearest postbox to the finish line of the VLM and in the meantime it will be stuck to my wall just above my London Marathon Plan.

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  1. Are you naming names? I know smaller races have to be extra cautious sometimes and organisers can be a bit oblivious outside their chosen field but that reply does seem to be a trifle snotty. Gatliff (LDWA) was one of the toughest races I've done and I'm sure there are road racers who would be completely thrown by some of the off-road races around.
    Good to use it as motivation though.