Monday, 25 January 2010

Just what the Doctor ordered....

What a great weekend`s running which to be honest I wasn`t really expecting.

I`ve recently, with a cancelled 10Km race and the snow & ice, been a bit concerned about the lack of speed sessions this year - lots of miles ran but no actual fast running this year, so on Saturday morning it was a real relief to go round Basingstoke`s parkrun in 22.56 - just 63 sec outside my PB. A little close time wise to running a half marathon the next day but it was a good boost.

I just hoped the `Road Work` Gods were with me, as almost straight after the parkrun I faced a minimum 4 hour trip up to York luckily enough they were. Literally I got there & was invited out to York for a bit of pre-race food with Kelly & her OH & her friends, which was very unexpected & was very pleasant, even managed an unplanned tour of the city too

Come race morning, I was up, showered, had breakfast at a very early time and left for racecourse (Race HQ) in plenty of time.....which, in fact was luckily as I managed another tour of the local & surrounding area - opps.

Arrived & found the cafe, where I saw and had a quick chat with Stringy, MrSJ (& family), Andy Sly, Rtg, lfc runner, Bunny Phobia & RichardB. Dropped bag off, and bumped into Princess Purple Bubbles who decided to show me her knickers :-O Must go to more races if that keeps happening. LOL only joking she was actually proving that they matched her Avatar picture. Then outside for a warm up and nearly fell over Shiesly & Kelly and made me way to the start area. Great to see so many people beforehand.

Now as early explained I really didn`t know what time I would aim for here - to prove this I wore two pace bands - 1.40 & 1.45 - one on each wrist. I`m sure that was a big enough window. So with this in mind I managed to squeeze into the starting area around the 1.45 marker. I did thou have a couple of aims for race - One being pace work / steady splits, so made an effort not to race off in the first mile and the other aim was to run more relaxed and with decent form and lastly to enjoy it.

Soon we were off - So mile one down & steady - tick. Mile 2, 3 & 4 were quicker but felt, and surprising ok. Saw Kelly up ahead, and gained on her quickly which was a surprise. I tried to get her to tag in behind me but without luck as that would have made a nice run. :-( Through Mile 5 in 37.xx mins - 5 minutes better than my official 5 mile PB (I so need to get a decent 5 mile PB time), even my 10Km split was close to my 10Km PB (maybe 44.30) - still felt relaxed. I kept thinking "swinging the legs to the rear", "shorten strides with mid foot landing" & "arm swings".

Sips of water at mile 6 and still felling quite relaxed. Mile 7 & 8 seemed to pass quickly enough - I think I called young man. Gel & water at mile 9 and into the homeward section. Passed a few runners going over the first of the bridges, which was encouraging. Round the corner, up & down the last bridge and seeing the finishing arch was a nice sight. Just about to pull into the finish straight and Rtg cycled passed me - which was a shock as she was meant to be a back sweeper!!! Gave a little sprint towards the end & heard shouts of "Come on Mr. K" from Shiesly from above the clock & through the finish. So pleased with the final time - smashed my PB by 4 mins 36 secs.

Went to meet up with Shielsy. Congratulated Andy with his time - I was pleased I managed to pass the 10 mile marker by the time he has finished his race ....just (1.15.xx v his time of 1.17.50) Missed a few finishers but did cheer a few in - always good to see!

Splits - 7.25, 7.19, 7.20, 7.18, 7.31, 7.39, 7.36, 7.28, 7.32, 7.46, 7.33,7.33, 7.25 & the last bit 0.54 (0.14m - 6.24/m)

Final time - 1.38.20

Missed seeing & thanking Jovi Runner but I can say from Saturday morning at the parkrun, to the meal with Kelly & her friends on Saturday night, meeting all those above, to running in this wonderful event I can say it`s one of my best running weekends I`ve had & defiantly worth spending 8 hrs + in the car for - thanks to all. It just goes to show you do not know what`s around the corner.

Same time next year then???

Next race - Bramley 20 on the 14th Feb, where I have been given a plan - 1st 5 miles @ MP + 45, then the 2nd 5 miles @ MP + 30, then 4 miles @ MP + 15, then 4 miles @ M, then the final 2 miles at whatever is left in the tank.

Good plan eh.....All I need to work out now is what my MP is now (based using the Brass Monkey time the predication is 3 hrs 24 mins - thud !!!) - any guesses???

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