Thursday, 2 May 2013

What`s that saying……"yesterday`s goals will not win today`s game"

So after a really good London - so many positives - I took my `five clear day break`. My first run out was at Winchester parkrun and I have to say I was really pleased with the steady pace I ran (7.10`s) PLUS it`s always great to catch up with folks at these inaugural parkruns (scores on the parkruns doors - Different events - 25 & Inaugurals - 9 & Total No.- 186).
Next day was the Bracknell Half & I only really entered this to get the legs moving again & back to plan. I did help that I really do like this event, I have run it twice before (2009 - 1:42:56 & 2010 - 1:41:52) so I knew the course. Despite all the twists and turns it is surprising fast - I also knew I wouldn`t be that fast this time around.

I got collected by Dan nice & early, we met up with fellow Cove Joggers - Duncan & James, along with Richard from SJ. Now I did beforehand I would be happy with a time of 2:00hrs+ but….the sun was out, shades were on, the birds were singing away, I had a race number on my vest, I was wearing club colours, I had my bright shoes on, I like the course …….what other excuses can I come up with. Let`s just say it didn`t happen that way.

Just before the start I found the boys, watched the nice helicopter display. The plan was for myself & Heather to run together so off we went - noting how many people run with their numbers on the backs (Guys it`s a very simply instruction - numbers to be worn on the front). The 1st mile was a bit fast but ok, the 2nd mile I think we did slow down on purpose but also the course narrowed a bit - this did feel very easy. I did want more of a test than that.

Somewhere during Mile 3 we picked up the pace, opps but overtaking folks & chatting away & feeling relaxed did feel good. This how it really carried on. Even going up the two main drags on the course. It was great to spot Alison & Brian from the club - how did they manage to see us so many times plus see the other behind too??? Also big high 5 to Ben (Heather`s O/H).
Great to meet during & afterwards from Fetch – Fleecy J

Even towards the end of the run the pace felt relaxed, the conversation flowed along. I guess it was just after the 12.5 mile point I ask Heather if she wanted a gel - she declined :-)  
We crossed the finish line with a time of 1:46:33 - all in all a good, social run in the nice sunshine. Thanks Heather great to run with you again.

About 10 minutes later the boys came in - all very close to each other - all getting PB`s - brilliant. With Duncan the oldest brother getting in front of James (making it 2 v 1 to James so far in the `Ball Brother faceoff), also really impressed with Richard as he also ran London.

Two, well three things will stick out in my mind from this race;
1) Duncan`s Nike watch measured short so he had to run an extra 400 metres or so in circles afterwards so he could `clock` the distance. Which is ironic really as James did say while running these loops "Look at Duncan, what a clock !! ".

2) James`s post-race beer selection needs to seriously
be addressed.

The 3rd thing is a bit private but I did receive some brilliant news after the race which almost proves the theory behind `Karma` - fingers crossed that justice shows through & the punishment & repercussions are to the maximum.

Race data….

Splits - 8:36,9:14, 8:15, 8:06, 8:05, 8:15, 7:58, 8:05, 7:54, 8:03, 8:07, 8:09, 7:40 (0.99 @7:43)

Also this week I`ve pushed my details of my 24hr hour - the amount of donations already is simply staggering - thanks - see link

LINK - My Charity Page Link

Next up - A new thing for me - a double marathon weekend - On Sunday the Neolithic Marathon ending at Stonehenge & then on Monday the Milton Keynes - a bit of a contrast but my plan said a `50 mile run` and this was the second best option. Pace wise - unknown really but it will be interesting to find out :-)


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