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`Balls out finish`……

I hadn`t realised this but I`ve been at `Hook` in one form or another every year since I started this running lark….

Hook 6             -           50:12 (2008) & 45:33 (2011)
Hook 10            -           1:18:58 (2009) & 1:17:31 (2010) & 1:28:49 (2012) & 1:14:53 (2013)

So as you have probably guessed this is one of my favourite events - it`s the typical `Village Fete Event`. I like the course (both the 6 mile & 10 mile courses), it`s local, proceeds from the day go to local needs, I know loads of folks running there - if you are thinking about putting on an event then basically copy this one - it ticks all the right boxes. This year was no different & the weather was perfect too.

The plan was I`ll see if I can get a PB - quite non-committal I guess. My PB was set back in October 2009 at Tadley 10 - 01:13:56 (7:24/m pace) - which I think even running how I am now is pretty good & looks fairly strong.

I arrived early as my training schedule said `15 miles` but I knew I wouldn`t do that much. I do go for a nice 2.5 mile (21:38) warm up around Hook though. I got back in time to get changed, said hello & caught up with a few folks I hadn`t seen for ages which was really good. Somehow time just disappeared and soon we assembled in the starting area for the countdown - no chip timer here. I didn`t get right to the front but not right at the back either. The hooter went off & off we went. Out of the school & then onto the roads around Hook…..

I tried to keep steady splits but it was way too fast in the 1st mile, by mile two I was slowing it down to where I wanted (around 7:20/m). Mile 3 included the incline towards Rotherwick (I know this area very well as that`s where I go to yoga every week). At this stage I noticed that I had got myself into a small pack of runners inc a Sandhurst lady runner which was pretty good - we kept the pace steady & stuck together. Just before the 5M water station the SJ pushed on in front & all in a sudden opened up a bit of a gap. Now around this time my shorts had developed a bit of a malfunction - the elastic had gone - thankfully it wasn`t the elastic around the waist !!!! I did feel rather exposed. It was fortunate that the course isn`t not very busy with spectators !!

Well at least it kept busy for a few miles.   I do like mile 7 as it`s on a corner of the pub & to me it feels like you have just turned for home. I wasn`t paying much attention to the pace I was running or my mile splits but I could see as it`s a long straight road who was in front & how far. Just by the turning I saw Dennis who was looking strong - I wished him well as I went past. By the roundabout we had 2 miles to go….this mile despite the twists & turns went quite quickly. Into the last mile & I felt strong. I went past a few more runners -  could see the SJ in front - I had gained a bit of ground on her. As I turned into the final housing `estate` I went past Mike Hewison - so he must have had a blinder of a race. I was gaining on my targets…down into the final straight - at this stage I had totally forgotten about my short situation - I wanted to finish… in the last few metres I went past the SJ runner. And I can confirm I am NOT a sprinter..

It took me a couple of minutes to grab my breath back. I grabbed a drink & poured it over myself. By this time Ali, David, James came over to chat, James kindly got me another drink but before I could drink any of it I gave it to another runner who was just finishing...

I looked at the Gamin & even though I got within a minute of my PB I was a bit disappointed – I guess this was a result of `non-committal race plan & the fun & games with the shorts. Afterwards we headed to the Raven for lunch - all in all a very good way to end a very good event.

I did have to ask the Race photographer to remove two of my race photos - sorry…..
Hook 10 - 1:14:53

Results 10 - LINK

Results 6 - LINK

Splits - 7:02, 7:14, 7:25, 7:49, 7:33, 7:36, 7:40, 7:58, 7:44, 6:46 (0.92 @7:21)

Woodland 5 & a bit.

Another event I`ve done a number of times over the years…

2008     -           50:37 (July)
2009     -           41:55 (May), 42:35 (June), 42:31 (July)
2010     -           41:45 (July)
2011     -           42:43 (June)
2012     -           47:18 (May), 47:29 (June), 48:07 (July)
2013     -           40:35 (May)

This is a good course - a good test - an incline to start with then two laps inc a couple of sharp hills but at least it has a downhill long straight to finish with. The length is 5.3 Miles. We got there early & I realised I had forgotten my Garmin - opps - only the second time I had done that. !!!! At least I had plenty of club vests to chase down. After a small warm up we assembled & waited for the start, after a gently start I gained a few places as we run up the 1st incline. Dave from the club disappeared from sight… My plan really was to use this as a bit of a tempo run - not planning record breaking times esp. with the hill (x 2) coming into play & yes I had planned to walk up them. As we approached the hill I thought about changing my mind but then saw it - I think 5 or 6 runners went past as I walked up it but even before we made it onto the main path - I guess 100 metres from the crest of the hill I had caught them. Even though I didn`t have anything to gauge this on I felt my 2nd lap was quicker than my 1st lap - I was running past a lot of folks. I used the same strategy for the 2nd lap as I used with the 1st. Again I caught the runners who ran past me as I walked up the hill within a 100 metres or so - this time we turned right & down into the long finishing straight - I did feel this was strongest part of the course. I went through the finish line and asked what rough time it was…40:41

In the end it was 40:35

Results - LINK

Ok maybe a bit faster than a tempo run but felt good. As it happened all Cove Joggers did really well & quite a good turnout too…..

Next up – two trips into London this BH weekend….Westminster mile & the BUPA 10,000 – yes racing a MILE. I have really lost the plot now I think.

Just over two to go before...ENDURE 24 - LINK

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