Monday, 15 November 2010

No going back now....

......remember that `Be careful what you ask for, as you might just get it`....

Well today I posted off my race entry to the `SIS Lightning 12` – This is an off road 12 hour event in March 2011 over a 6.2 mile course that "will be as challenging as it is enjoyable". Open for solo runners & teams.

Race details -

Last year`s winner`s blog -

Yep I`ll be doing this solo.

Not too sure about a training plan just yet, but races already entered so far include the Winter`s Tanners 30 in January & the Moonlight Challenge in February. I guess I`ll have to read up on 50M or 100Km training plans (that`s a bit scary - gulp). One thing I do need to work out is race nutrition. As for my target mileage – not too sure as the weather conditions will play a major part but if the weathers gods play fairly then I like the thought of double figures.

Exciting times ahead then :-)

PS I know - I wish I could do links


  1. Good luck with the training!

    And here's how to insert links! :)