Monday, 22 November 2010

Hopefully I came in last....

Well yesterday`s sweeper at Saloman`s Turbo X at Bordon was a blast.

Was a bit odd going to a race and not racing. Anyway come 10.00am the hooter went and they were off - well nearly all off, I waited for a lone `last` runner to run across the car park, and off we went to great cheers. Got to about 1/2M and on came the radio to hold back as there were 3 late runners. They caught up & off we went again. We soon caught up with main of runners.

About a couple of miles I walked with a runner who had twisted his ankle & pulled out and the next marshal point. Ran to catch the last runners up - who were in the first loads of deep ditches. Had a laugh with them - they `made me` follow the course. Soaked but luckly the radio wasn`t (pheew).

Came across a badly injured runner - twisted ankle resulting in tennis ball sized swell on his ankle. Called up for back up - to be fair it wasn`t the best place to get help to but a marshal on the quad bike came along after 15 mins or so. Gave the runner a hat I found and the choc bar I had in my pocket and off I went again to catch the runners up.

Well when I signed up for the sweeper`s role I didn`t expect I would need to run at race pace during this one. By the time I found the last runners I was knackered. They must have been at least 2.5 away (ok maybe 1.5M - 2M) but I was knackered. The last runner was also someone who had gone over on their ankle. She had done really well to get to that point - she didn`t want to quit. We carried on & entered the X zone - blooming heck, waist high mud ditches, cold water streams - not good when fully fit. She so wanted to finish the course so it was a massive shame when she pulled out with about a 1 mile (or less) to go.

I set off to see if there was any others still out on the course (I`ll admit not going through the rest of the X zone) - didn`t see anyone and made my way through the finish. Hopefully I was the last one.

Hope the injured are not too injured.

Good fun & yes I`ll do a sweepers job again. Had a nice cup of strong hot coffee and a pot noodle at the car. So a bit harder as the first day of a taper week than 1st thought but a lot of fun. Roll on next weekend.

Top tip - get to races early.

Not sure how (or if) I should log the miles I ran.

Next up - Benidorm with the club. Weather wise for the marathon on Sunday = 16C with light rain. Sunday`s evening weather - what do I care, as if I`ll remember it :-)

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