Friday, 1 April 2016

Write your own story......

I remember Lindsey Parry at the end of Runners World dinner saying we write our own stories so why not make it a good one. So this month or say I say last month - being March - when I put my Comrades plan together it would be a `good` (read fun) month.

Mileage with the help of a bit of flu it was down, as was the elevation. On the whole I`ve done what I set out to do - it was a good one & had some (a lot) of fun & I even managed to get a PB.    


= 141.80 (Yearly Total =  471.80)
Time On Feet = 22 hrs 03 Mins (Ave 9:20)
Elevation = 10,049 ft (Yearly Total = 34,600 ft) - Now heading down Everest :-)
Highest Weekly Run = 45.20 Miles
Longest Run = 32 Miles
Longest `Time On Your Feet` Run = 5 hrs 31 Mins (New Forest 50 Kms)
Highest `Back To Back` Days / Miles = 3 Days / 27.1 Miles
Races = 8 (Leith Hill Half, The Grizzy, New Forest 50 Km, Fleet Half, Guernsey Easter 5Kms, 4.8M XC, Relay - 4 x 1.15M & 10Km.
parkruns = 1 (Yes one !)

Yoga Sessions = 0 (this is bad, very bad)
PT Sessions = 3
Sport Massage = 1
Bike Miles = 59.8 Miles
Swim Sessions = 0 (Also bad)

Highlights = As I`ve said it was a good month but the biggest highlight has to be the brilliant event which is `The Grizzy` - 20 Miles which takes you along some very scenic sights, along beaches, cliff-tops, through rivers, up & down steep hills & through waist deep sticky mud....don`t be put off as it`s heaps of fun. One of the best events I`ve been fortunate to run. Maybe don`t try a 60M bike ride with 5,800 ft elevation the day before though.    

The New Forest 50Km was a bit of a `B race` - I wanted to get a PB and with a little help from an audio book (The Secret) & fellow Cove Joggers supporters I managed to have a great day & grab a 20 min PB. That weekend I managed a good `back to day` runs with the local Fleet Half the next day.        

Also the Guernsey Easter races I wanted to do well - my weekly `Wednesday Night 4M Loop` speed sessions had been going well so I wanted to see what that meant when racing on a flat 5Km & 10Km. I was really pleased with the outcome - not only the finishing times but how I felt during each race & how I recovered for the next one (4 races in 4 days).  

Now it`s April and time to knuckle down and get a good month in so it`s back to the hills & 30 min a day challenge and DO SOME YOGA.

This is a great interview from Marathon Talk with Caroline Wostmann  (interview starts at 59:40)

Good luck if you are marathon running this month...

Have fun.

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