Friday, 1 May 2015

Quick glance back as there something more exciting on the horizon..........

Well it`s true isn`t as I`m not going that way but I do have to say April was a great month.

Monthly stats  - when I said from last month stats "Please Sir, I want some more" I didn`t really expect to be that close.

Miles = 186.9 Miles
Time on Feet = 29 hrs 16 mins
Elevation = 10,273 ft
Highest Weekly Mileage = 50.4 Miles
Longest Run = 27.09 Miles (London Marathon)
Longest `Time on your feet` run = 3 hrs 50 mins (Brighton Marathon)
Highest `Back to Back Days / Miles` = 6 Days / 48.6 Miles
Races = 3 (Compton Downland Challenge 20, Brighton Marathon & London Marathon
parkruns = 3
Yoga Sessions & Hours = 2 off & 3 hrs (2 x 90 mins of Bikram Yoga) (Note to self - do more)
PT Sessions = 1
Sports Massage = 3

Highlights = Three fantastic races - everyone should do the Compton Challenge, it`such a great event & what stunning views - a `something for everyone` course too. Brighton - well you can read about that here. How can I sum up London Marathon, well I didn`t take my foot off the gas as I did in Brighton & got the job done in 03:46:40 (v Brighton`s 03:50:36) - it was a spectacular day in the Capital esp with the `Paula` effect.

I always said I need to be in `PB` shape for Comrades and while I`ve not seen any `PBs` against any of my race times in this campaign (most were set two years ago) I will take where I am now as I`m there or there about plus a bit older - sometimes about how you feel with yourself & how the race went or where you are in the big picture rather than getting that `PB` sticker.

What`s plan for the rest of the month - One more last long run this weekend at the North Dorset Marathon, then a more visits to Casears Camp just to get some strength back & an old favourite the Hook Ten, more Bikram Yoga....oh and the World`s largest & oldest Ultra - Comrades :-)

Tactics for race day - Re-reading advice from previous runners - Ian Sharman & chapters from `Make sure of your Comrades Medal` yeap if I`m not our running or cross training my nose will be in a book.

"The human spirit can handle much more than we realise, It matters how you are going to finish. Are you going to finish strong?" - Nick Vujicic


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  1. It's all coming together nicely for Comrades. Keep doing the runs you love and remember to keep your head up and enjoy every minute, it's going to be amazing.