Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Looking forward.......

What an `odd` year....

I`ve been busy at work & socially - not too much running as I`ve had a hamstring strain for most of the year - remembering I had my left hamstring taped up in February in the Pilgrims Ultra.

This strain really did blow my early plans of 14 Marathons (or Ultras) in 2014 - I got to 5 by April then had to let this challenge go.

It has not been all doom & gloom though (not that you would have expected that from me) as I managed to sneak in 4 Marathons & 5 Ultras (not inc. the 5 laps of Endure 24 & 5 laps of Thunder Run or the Elstead `Marathon`). I did also including a couple from my `bucket` list - a back to back Ultras, Alexander The Great Marathon, The `D-Day` Marathon in Normandy & still ran at Endure 24 & Thunder 24 and not forgetting I ran my 250th parkun (inc winning the 100 mtr challenge) plus having fun at other races.

(I would like to thank everyone who came along & sent me kind messages that weekend)

During this time I didn`t really attempt any `speed work` & cut my mileage down by 50 miles per month (& I know it`s all relevant and what`s makes running so good as we are all at our own levels) but most of my running has been at around 10 min / miling (easy of the brain too) with hardly any long runs.

So instead of getting down I`ve been looking forward....

So on 1st September I entered and I guess my biggest challenge....the `COMRADES` - a 89 Km (55 Miles) road race in South Africa and I need to finish within 11 hrs 59 mins & 59 seconds of starting gun.......Oh and it`s on an `UP` route.

It`s a big challenge - my biggest one yet & I`m so glad I ran Caesars Camp 50 M in less than 12 hours.  I know I can do this.

As it`s a `gun to gun` time I really need to be as close to the start as physical possible - to do this I need to get a good starting pen position (or `Batch`). The qualifying time is 5:00 hrs, then 4:40 hrs, 4:20 hrs, 4:00 hrs, 3:40 hrs, 3:20 hrs & 3:00 hrs & race times can only count from 1st Aug `14 to 4th May `15...

My thinking here was to qualify in the 1st place & taking the pressure off & then use another marathon to bump up my pen. With that in mind I went to Portsmouth marathon (No. 38) this weekend to obtain this - I am glad to say I got my qualifying time of 04:35:11 - Pen `F`.

My training plan still need to be firmed up - so far I`ve entered the Fleet Half, Dover & Brighton marathons - still awaiting to hear about London and might enter Tadworth 10, Bramley 20, Moonlight Challenge (32M) & Surrey Spitfire 20......

All in all it`s going to be an exciting (& fun) time ahead.........looking forward is so much better than looking back.



  1. You can definitely do the Comrades distance and I'm sure on a cool day it would be easier than Caesar's Camp 50. Heat could be an issue if it gets to the high 20s. I think one of the keys to success will be managing skin temperature - keep your skin cool so you can effectively cool your body. Got any white gear?

  2. `White gear`....I`ve only got purple :-) As for the heat - I`m restarting Bikram yoga classes which should help on that side,