Thursday, 28 March 2013

No Regrets….

Recently I had one of those conversations that I guess every runner gets or will get at some point - yes the `injury & regret' conversation - "running is bad for the knees….you will regret it you know…".
Yeap had one of those, to be fair it didn`t start too well..
"Hey Kelv, are you still running THE MARATHON now that you are injured?"…
Of course I replied…."Yes, still running THE MARATHON (I hope they did mean London !), first run back this Saturday"
"Hope it goes well but I knew you were doing too much… know running is bad for you….bet you regret it now ?"
"Err no…. I really enjoyed those weeks, so not at all - I loved those weeks"
Those weeks I am referring to was when I ran;
9th Feb - Frimley Lodge parkrun - 21:06 (PB)
10th Feb - Wokingham Half - 01:38:00 (PB)
17th Feb - Bramley 20 - 1st 10M in 01:27:57 - 2nd 10M in 01:15:30 - 02:43:58 (PB)
23rd Feb - Moonlight Challenge - Ran all 32.75M - 05:44:11 (PB)
3rd March - Bramley 20 - Even Paced 9:00`s - 02:55:21
10th March - New Forest 50Km - Birthday Run - 05:53:20 (PB)
17th March - Fleet Half - So many great things about this race……
Not only did I have fun in those races - I love running that way but I learnt a heck of a lot about myself & those `self-limits` you put on yourself. So it was rather bizarre that I saw one of these motivational posters saying almost exactly that - have no regrets but like most of these banners they need maybe one more line….& learn from any experience…good or bad. No regrets.
*As for the `injury` - it`s a lot better so a few more days rest then the tester at Basingstoke parkrun this Saturday. I had always planned to go back to Basingstoke around this time to give the course `a bit of a go` - unsure what I`ll do now but it will be fun going back seeing so many friends again & running the course again…the best bit about finishing your parkrun - going for coffee with great company afterwards :-)
Have I minded these last two weeks of not running - not really. I have to say I`ve done a lot more Bikram yoga sessions - mainly for the calorie burn but the warm conditions must get the blood flowing & therefore (in my limited opinion) be good for sorting injuries / niggles out …I don`t mind carrying out more of this experiment.
Tomorrow (Good Friday) I`m off to watch & support runners at the Maidenhead Ten - hope it`s warmer than when I watched the runners at last Sunday`s Cranleigh 15 / 21…and I hope the `abuse` is better… :-0  (Need to find out where the nearest Costa Coffee is to Maidenhead :-) )
Next up racing wise - Saturday week - a return to the `Bolt round the Holt` - 21Km - and yes of course there is a slight twist…. as it may include running Frimley Lodge parkrun beforehand - one starts at 9.00am & the other starts at 10.00am plus a 26 mins journey time ……………..then `THE MARATHON` on the 21st April :-)

Happy running & enjoy...
(Just cos I like the song)

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