Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bramley 20 - As Hannibal Smith says…"I love it when a plan…….goes out the window, let`s go to plan B"

Another local race which I had run back in 2010 so it was nice to go back. The 20 is a 2 lap, very scenic slightly undulating course with the lumps & bumps all happening in the last couple of miles. The plan was to run a progressive run of 5 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 2 (or 09:03, 08:53, 08:33, 08:23, then as fast I could manage for the last two miles). The trouble with this plan is that you look at the Garmin ALL the time - very difficult if you are not a fan of this…which I think you know I`m not a time watcher !!!.
Anyway race starts at 10:30am so I collect Dennis (who is just spectating today) early & set off. The car park is about 15 mins walk away so it`s another race you need to get there early to. We wandered in the Race HQ, had a coffee & saw many faces from Basingstoke parkrun which I hadn`t seen for ages, I saw Ben but missed seeing his `baggage` J With about 10 mins to go & I know I`m not racing the 1st bit of the race I head out for a small warm up. I bump into Heather & her 10M pacer (Jock) have a bit of a giggle, which is always fun when you start a race smiling.
The `gun` goes off - it takes a while to cross the line but soon up & running. Within a few miles I`m already sick of looking at the Garmin…..The 1st mile is quicker than planned, 2nd was spot on, 3rd too fast just & 4th too slow & the final mile too fast….. I was thinking what is actually acceptable on the `too fast & too slow` limits??”. Plus I had realised the last time I did this type of pacing I had set the Garmin data fields to a `Last lap pace` & `Lap pace` rather than the normal run setting I`m used to – so I was guessing really on speed…..headache !!!
I still hadn`t really controlled the pacing by mile 7. What made it worst that a rather loud, chatty loud runner who was pacing someone was matching my pace – did I mention he was rather loud? I did actually think about saying “Hey you do mind this is my quiet time” but didn`t so I did the next thing - I sped up J When I saw the `8:22` I did actually think this pace was nice (my 3:39 PB marathon pace), the next mile I did slow it down a touch but basically knew `Plan A` was out of the window.              What made it worst that during the last mile of this lap & there was me happily running along thinking about not a lot when who do I see heading towards me but this Heather with a massive grin & after some abuse about my speed she tells me of her superb run – apparently I need to run a 10M race in less than 1:11.xx. She left me with that thought….
I go through half way in 1:27:57

Breakfast??? (Thanks to Colin for the photo)

As we head out on the second lap I find myself starting to use `Plan B` - run at 8.00`s. Even since Benidorm Marathon I have wondered if I can run a 3:30 Marathon but w`ll see. I did slow down during the next mile – again by watching the Garmin. I get fed up with this & decided just to run. By this stage I`m overtaking loads of the folks who overtook me earlier in the race. I saw Jon, from Chineham Park but past him at a water station, I saw another Chineham runner way in front who looked like she was going strong. .

I will admit to cranking up the pace to see how long I could hold out at 7:30`s. I have been working with this technique that if something is bothering say a feeling or a negative thought etc,  you move from the front of your mind to the side. So each I `felt` tired going up a slight incline or very flat straight part I pushed that `tired` thought to one side. It seemed to work as I was gaining on her & still overtaking loads. So hills at miles 16 & 17 came & went. I think it was around mile 18 just at the top of the rise I went alongside her. We pushed each other in these final few miles which was a great way to finish off a long race….in the end she did pull away so her final must have been incredible - impressed.

Through the finish & I did know I was on for a PB – Old PB was 2:47:13. I wondered if I could get a sub 2:45. I stopped the Garmin at…………. 2:43:58

The second 10M was in 1:15:30 – a 12:27 minute negative split race - Well at least I got that bit right J Very pleased with race & legs are feeling good.

Results - The Power Of 10 Results

Next up – And it`s not a case of Rock & roll up Ultra – but I am doing the Moonlight Challenge this Saturday Night (starts at 6pm) purely as practice for the Run24 (5 laps of 6.55M) so it`s jogging round & may even be a bit of walking / running……and a bit of tweeting. Let`s hope there is no snow….

Oh the Race Director is this guy – super impressive `Book` - Unstoppable - by Mike Inkster

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