Sunday, 20 January 2013

Right Here Right Now.

Well “Happy New Year” to you all – can I really say that on the 20th ???
It`s currently week 5 in my training plan for `Endure 24` race. The first two weeks were effected by Christmas & New Year but I did try to work with the plan & build the mileage up. Since the New Year the mileage has gone – 39M, 36M, 41M. I guess it`s still early days but I`m feeling good – not fatigued, not bored & healthy. I am enjoying mixing up the short fast runs, with the tempo & slower medium runs – I did my 1st 2.5hr run this week – just sneaking over the 17M mark. All good really.

After missing out (my decision) the Tadworth 10 – I did get to wear my 1st race number of the year today at the Stubbington Green 10Km.  I guess I went for the `Mr. K taking it easy` week – Easy 7.5M on Monday, hard 4M (29mins) on Wed, 17M on Thursday & a 23min parkrun in the snow yesterday…..…I really had expected this race to be called off but it wasn`t – thank goodness.

From the club it was only myself & Dennis, basically this meant an early start so Dennis could stop & chat to everyone he knew before the race – plus the car park is a good walk away. In the end Dennis didn`t run. We got there & literally bumped in Jerry North – he is a star man, always a smile & a warm welcome (they use to run against each other in the early 60`s you know..). We grab a coffee (black) & whilst getting changed I down a gel for the heck of it. I drop the bag off & go for a small warm up (less than 0.5M) – basically to the start line. At this point I don`t really have a game plan….but I look the part – short sleeved compression top, Club Vest & new arm sleeves, gloves & shorts – I decided against wearing the Brook T6`s racers. I think maybe a sub 48 – nah I just go with the flow – wearing the arm sleeves does make seeing the garmin quite tough anyway.

I get to the front & work back – where should I position myself?? I see loads of folks clearly too far near the start line & wearing far too much - Ok it`s snowing & chuffing cold but still – we are in England !!! Anyway I settle a little bit back. I hear the hooter go…and nothing :-O always gets me that.  After a little while we set off & within minutes I am dodging folks already – arrrgghh. After I guess the 1st mile the course opens up. I settle into a pace that is comfortable – thinking can I hold this pace throughout the run?? I relax, look around – such a nice route – very scenic with many twists & turns. After about 1 ¼ miles we head down & left and to me & unsure why but this is where I think the race starts foe me.  The course twists down narrow roads – all fairly ice & snow free, then just before the 1.5M  - the only real hill on the course. This slows the pace down but soon enough we are the top – gasping for air but the course generally drops downhill from here.

As we headed around the course I kept thinking about being relaxed – did notice I don`t seem to swing my arms too much…as snow was settling on them – LOL. Despite not looking at the garmin I did try to keep the pace steady – I didn`t seem to work with any one group or any one runner. I did find some sections & parts (towards & from sea front section) tough & a struggle but for some reason I thought “Well I can`t do this bit tomorrow” and even more bizarrely thought of the Fatboy Slim song “Right Here Right Now”  (I did also laugh at the `Fatboy Slim connection) – but it worked and I pushed the pace again to where I thought it had been.  By this stage I was counting the distance down – 8Km – great 2Km to go…again I didn`t slow down. I was almost running out of `targets` - soon enough `400M to go` sign was in sight . I did open a bit, surprised how much I had left in the tank. I heard shouts of “Come on Kelvin”, “Well done Mr. K” etc - I was on my toes – I went around the corner – and you could have knocked my down with a feather. I saw the Race Clock. I caught my last target right on the line. I grabbed the arm sleeve in a desperate hurry to get to the garmin & press the stop button…

I couldn`t believe it – I shook hands with everyone around (inc Iwan Tomas & no Luke I didn`t beat him as he ran a 43:30 C/T), I saw the Andover Boys & Girls who had great races. I went for a small cool down – only to give myself a bit of space really.

Garmin time - 43:36 (Gun time 44:03 - chip timer didn`t seem to work)

Previous 10Km PB - 45:14 - June 2009

I went back to where Dennis was standing & caught up with Simon & the girls who were waiting for Susan to finish (who also had a fantastic race). I collected my bag & chatted to Brian (Ex Cove) for a bit. All in all a great day – and totally unexpected.

Full Power Of Ten 


What else in going on – well I`m having a long over due sort out. I`m sorting my `cupboard` which is filled with all sorts of stuff from my life – good & bad stuff but it`s all mine. It`s not going to be a quick job but I knew that from the start. What I didn`t really appreciate was how strong the ties are to the `old familiar` stuff despite knowing it`s just junk & takes up valuable space.

Next up – Week 6 in the training plan I guess, seriously the Wokingham Half on 10th Feb

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  1. Great race report as ever Kelvin and fab time :)

  2. Nice race, was it one of those where you had to go fast to keep warm?