Monday, 12 November 2012

The results are in....

Yes the results are in from the Caesars Camp 50M run & worth waiting for.

I was one of the 45 starters than ran the 50 mile course in conditions & I quote from Henk "the worst they have ever been" & from the 29 who made it to the end I finished in 19th place.

Results - Link thing

I could be a bit negative to say that if I`d finished 7 minutes better I would have gained 3 places but I will not – it was tough, I learnt a lot – quite a lot about me & can honestly say I enjoyed it.

I guess the big question is - which will be next 50 miler or next year`s CC50 race?? :-)

Next up this Sunday – Gosport Half. Unsure of the actual race plan but thinks a seasonal bests is on the cards.

Oh yeah I`ve been making plans for next year...... ;-)

Life is good - thankyou  K


  1. That is absolutely outstanding Kelvin, the fact you finished in such horrendous conditions is good enough for me. Rest well, run hard.

  2. Well done. great to read that you are back to fitness and excelling at the mo!

  3. Well done Kelvin, I will see you at Gosport if not before