Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nice knowing you............

Since the Farnham Marathon and my little rest afterwards my running has gone well - hit a purple patch if you like. The weekend before last was the seasons best at Julian Farrell 10Km, last Saturday I ran my fastest parkrun this year at Woodley - 23:55 - but I always seem to run well at inugral parkruns....must be the thought of cake afterwards that does it. This bit of `speed work` did lead to a bit of problem about what to do on Sunday at the 10 miler at Tadley - do I take it easy or have a bit of a go.....????

On Sunday four of us (Dave, Peter, Dennis & myself) went over to Tadley - I couldn`t believe none of them had ran this 10 miler before. The weather was a bit chilly - ice scrapper was used & racing gloves packed. Not too much time to spare upon arrival. Only a few seconds warm up. We headed to the back of the starting area & waited for the gun....


A bit strange, anyway we were off. Out of the school, turned right, past some galloping horses, do to a small loop then back past the school & straight into the morning sun (& a bit of car traffic), Dave ran with me for this 1st bit - now the thing running with Dave he does like his progressive runs but his end speed is much faster than I could go....yes I have learnt the hard way before. So it`s eyes on Garmin when running with Dave. We caught Pete up in the 2nd mile - which is generally a fast one, we all ran together for a couple of miles. I think there was a drinks station at around 5 mile where Dave picked it up a bit & Pete dropped back.

As we made our way around the course I couldn`t believe that I actually ran a 1:13:54 (7.24/m pace) - as the course had mores twists & turns & up & downs than I recalled but at least the miles were ticking past. I didn`t bother with any water or gels I just tried to keep the pace steady - anything less than 8.51 would get me a Seasons Best..

Generally I kept passing folks which is always a good sign - someone did shoot past around the 7M point - must of started late !!! As we headed round the corner towards the 9M I realised we still had one long incline to go....I decided I would work that & caught a few more up. I had decided that a Chineham runner would be my target - I never did catch him but that`s sometimes the point.

I crossed the line & saw Dave sitting there - he had ran a 1:22:xx. I looked at my garmin & pleased that it was indeed a Seasons Best by a good few minutes at 1:25:10 - 8:34/m (it was 1:28:49 - 8:51/m - at Hook 10 in May), shortly afterwards Pete came in under the 90 minutes with Dennis teasing the tail runner. All in all a good day on a great course. I think the other will come back next year.    
Splits - 8:56, 8:07, 8:37, 8:23, 8:32, 8:30, 8:49, 8:38, 8:41, 7:52 (0.95M @ 8:17)

Next up is.......spectating at Frimley Lodge parkrun if I get up.

Oh and the `small` matter of Ceasars Camp this Saturday starting at 12 Noon. I really want to finish this one but I am if honest concerned about the 15 hours cut off (03:00am Sunday morning) - this will be tight.

Weather Wise - it hasn`t been good - Very Wet - but hopefully it will be only on the ground rather than still coming down.

Body Wise - feet & legs are good. I`ve eaten & drunk well this week. The head, however has been in a total spin this week - that`s life I guess - if not it`s Taper maddness kicking in big style. Hopefully after 50 miles it will be the other way around - my Head will be good but legs destroyed.

Training Wise - Very much undercooked this one but I did hear that`s it`s better to go into a race undercooked rather than overcooked.

Kit Wise - Taking everything I have.

I do plan to tweet every lap - follow me on @Mister_KG

See you on the other side as they say....

Never give in, never give up - focus

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