Friday, 17 August 2012

Opps been a bit slack (read lazy) on the blogging side - so quick catch up time.

To be honest it`s been a bit of a slow return to running since my ankle problem - no mid week runs, no racing hard or running `free`. Every ache or niggle has been over analysed & comeback plans easily cancelled...all in all not very Mr. K like but on the postive side it so much better than non running like January & February this year.

I have enjoyed being able to make the local, favourite races even if I sneak under the radar at some, these have included;

Forest 5 - Always a good one. Plenty of club vests to `chase` down, 41:30

Woodlands 5 & a bit - I managed to sneak in all three races, which was useful as a fitness test rather than a time trial over the 3 months. Race 1 = 47:18, Race 2 = 47:29 & Race 3 = 48:07

Tadley 10Km - A new race to me. Organised by the folks of the Tadley 10M (my 10M PB course) I was looking forward to this one & I wasn`t disappointed. Interesting course with one hill.

Yateley 10 Kms - Managed two of the 3 this year. Race 1 = 51:22 & Race 2 = 52:30. Never good to get piped by a club mate by 3 secs - I did get my `revenge` in the 2nd race & got `told off` my a marshal for laughing too much - opps.

Elstead `Marathon` - Excellent event - one of the best events in my race calendar. I`m sure the course was long at 5.6 miles.

New Forest 10 - Shame the weather was so bad. The race got cancelled, tents got waterlogged – felt sorry for the Race Organisers & the Campsite owners...always neat year.

Bounders Relay - Another excellent event. Cove Joggers managed another 4 teams.

Down Tow Up Flow Half - I found this tough, again due to lack of long / medium runs plus the warm weather, normally my freind didn`t help – thanks goodness I took my own water & buff. Hey time on feet thou. (positive spin)

Adidas Thunder Run - How would I feel about this knowing this was my cancelled solo run – honestly didn`t mind. If I was going to run 24hrs solo I wanted to give it my best shot – 90 miles (15 laps) would have been my target. Now in a mixed team of 5 we sneaked in the top 20 with a total of 26 laps - I did 5 laps over the 24hrs – my laps times ranged from 57 to 66 mins. Boy could I feel it towards the last lap. Still a great event & really good to catch up with friends esp as I`m missing the Great North Run this year......but what am I going to do next year???

parkruns - A couple of new events plus I managed to sneak in my 150th parkrun – only 100 to go before I hit gold.

Next up – A little holiday, generally recovering well I say recovering ;-)

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  1. Jeez, you have been busy...I am totally lazy compared to you :-)