Tuesday, 27 December 2011

12 moments of 2011

- Some of my moments in 2011...

  1. One Track Marathon.
  2. Two weeks volunteered at parkrun (pretty poor really).
  3. Three PBs (St Patrick`s 5M Scurry, Elstead Marathon (5.4M), Hook 6).
  4. Four weeks ran over 50 miles (shocked).
  5. Five weeks ran less than 10 miles.
  6. Six laps of the Thunder Run completed...how many next year?? (clue = see below).
  7. Seven miles extra ran in races by getting lost.
  8. Eight Marathons / Ultras completed.
  9. Nine times ten – my target for 2012 (gulp).
  10. Ten new parkrun events ran.
  11. Eleven events already entered for 2012.
  12. Twelve hours & 9 minutes ran at SIS Lightning Run resulting in 51.43 Miles.
May the New Year bring you all you wish for.

Happy 2012 folks.

Next Up - Stubbington Green 10Km (15th Jan). My TR24 training plan starts in the 2nd week of February so having an easy January to ensure feeling all fresh & free from niggles for that.

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