Monday, 13 June 2011

Ok - catch up time......

Opps.....when will I learn??

End of May saw one of my favourite events - the BUPA 10,000.

This event I had marked as an `A` race - I wanted to do well. I had a good `build up` (can I use such terms???) race at Hook 6 so I was feeling good......... Now looking back I guess I was feeling `too` good & I`m thinking because I prefer longer races I needed more than one `build up` race as a marker but anyway....

I got there nice and early via Waterloo. I played the game of "Guess the runners" on the train - always good fun. I had a good look around & dropped my bag in & went for a warm up. This is an area I`m working on esp on these shorter, faster races - how long & how far should a warm up be...???. Anyway I did 2.3M @ 9.33/m pace (At Hook I did 2.19M @ 9.24/m - in similar weather conditions) and made my way in the starting area. I`m sure I put down a realistic finishing time but good Red A - well at least I wasn`t dressed as a Nun this time.... After the introduction were made - Paula Radcliffe, Jo Pavey, Mo Farah - we were off.

I thought I was good pace - maybe a bit fast but ok. The 1Km marker came around blooming quickly - ekkk. My Garmin went off - I looked - maybe I shouldn`t have but I did - 06:57...I wanted 07:30 - too fast & don`t forget I was slowing down too...when will I learn??? My mile 3 I was feeling it - I didn`t like it. I was thinking "Ok half way - miles 5 & 6 are with the support of the crowd". As you turn into Embankment & through the underpass you can see the runners coming at you which is a huge help plus I got a few cheers from the marshals (thanks Muds) & the crowds (I always run to one side or the other for that very reason). Anyway I dug deep in these final miles - hoping Alison from the club wouldn`t pass me....

I saw the pub - `Lord Moon of the mail` - and checked my watch - 00:45:10. so no PB today then. Around the corner...seeing the 400 metre sign...longing for the end. I eventually got there, as I finished I turned around to shake hands with Iwan Thomas who had just finished too - I cannot say I beat him as he started in wave behind PLUS he was the official starter! !! As I was catching my breath I saw Alison finish - another cracking race `when not racing` ....I also saw Jon from Chineham Park (who had beaten me at Maidenhead).

So all in all a disappointing race for me really but I`ll get there - pacing is so the key.........maybe setting an `A race` so early is not a good idea either....

Official stats -

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 6:58(6:58/m) - 126cal
2) - 1m - 7:27(7:27/m) - 132cal
3) - 1m - 7:55(7:55/m) - 138cal
4) - 1m - 7:51(7:51/m) - 138cal
5) - 1m - 7:36(7:36/m) - 132cal
6) - 1m - 7:42(7:42/m) - 132cal
7) - 0.29m - 2:10(7:30/m) - 38cal

5 Km = 00:23:19
10 Km = 00:47:36

My times compared to Alison`s over the last two years

Mine - 2010 = 00:46:05 v 2011 = 00:47:36

Alison - 2010 = 00:47:26 v 2011 = 00:45:50

Basically Alison holds a 25 second lead - bring on next year (& yes I`ve already entered)

Walking down past the Mail you realise why this a good race - you cannot help to cheer on the runners who are just finishing and into the Lord Moon for post-race drinks & a very good catch up.

Next up - Is (was) the Yateley 10Km on Wednesday night...................


So it does make for a better race then......

Yateley 10Km

I will admit that racing a 10Km two days before an undulating 10Km is not the best preparation ever....

For those who don`t know this is the 1st in a great little series of 3 monthly 10 Km always on the 1st Wednesday night of the month and is full of local club & parkrun runners. I decided to drive thus saving my legs a bit, park up & grab my number and off for a warm up (1.2M @ 8.33/m). So the plan & knowing the undulating first few Kms was to keep it steady with picking up the pace if the legs were ok- simple as that.

Moved into the starting area with the other Covies - good turnout by the club too - and off we went. I got in my normal position - on the left hand side of the road. I do this as the Cove Joggers support crew is normally found at the Pub !!! To be fair we do past this pub twice so it`s a good waiting point. Anyway off I went testing out the legs as I go. Past the 1st mile in just under 8.00/m - all good. I pass Nick from Windle - quick wave & hello and push up the hill - good steady 2nd mile.some of which was downhill. Just before the water station at 5 Km I see Tim (V50 sub 17min 5 Km runner) walking & pulling up. I past the water - not slowing down pinching a few places. down the hill & unto my favourite part of the course - Reading Road. This is a straight road for a mile at the 3.5 M to 4.5 M stage.

Just before this bit I pick up a `stalker` - boy is he drafting. I push the pace a little and he is still there... I finally manage to `drop him` when at the next water station he slows down to grab a cup. Round a couple of turns and a final push up the hill at 9 Km - giving it a bit for the club-mates waiting & watching from the pub (9.5 Km)....and they were not there - ohh a long sprint finish then :-) Sprinted in catching a few runners in the last few metres and through the line.

Split Summary -

1) - 1m - 7:56(7:56/m) - 130cal
2) - 1m - 7:47(7:47/m) - 131cal
3) - 1m - 7:28(7:28/m) - 131cal
4) - 1m - 7:31(7:31/m) - 132cal
5) - 1m - 7:43(7:43/m) - 132cal
6) - 1m - 7:47(7:47/m) - 130cal
7) - 0.25m - 1:34(6:18/m) - 31cal

10Km - 00:47:44

So the 2nd 10Km in two days and only 6 seconds slower on a much undulating course - I`m happy with that. So pacing does help then :-).

Next up - Wargrave 10Km - a new event to me.


Getting there................

Wargrave 10 Km

A new event for me - nice when that happens.

A (Berkshire) Championship race so must be good then. We get there early (4 from Cove - Dave, Dan & Dennis) as numbers need to be collected on the day & manage to find shelter from the drizzle & grab a coffee. A short warm up (0.78M @ 9:24/m) we assembled at the start in the approx finish times area (normally a good event when I see this) and after a bit of generally chit chat with John (Ex Cove now Sandhurst), Jon (Chineham Park), Dave & Dan we were off. The plan here was to not look at the garmin but run to how I felt. I didn`t know too much about the course - a small loop then a hill & then back around coming in the same way as went out with little flat - undulating throughout.

Dave disappeared off into the distance - well as far as you can around a loop of the park, with John following & Dan a little ahead of me. Out of the park and along the local roads - here I met Darth Vader - well it sounded like him - thankfully it only last a mile or so. Jon past me around about here too. I resisted the urge to chase down. No-one said anything about the times as the various bleeps from the garmins went out at the Kms & mile points which was good - I didn`t want to know. I still felt good as we pushed up the hill just before 3M - it was nice to do a new event and not knowing the course and what was around the corner. I chased down the various club vests - a lot were out on display.

At the half way stage - I remember the Hook race where I pushed the pace so I did same which was roughly where I lost my group of runners I had seemed to have settled in with - each taking turns the front. Again I didn`t take any water at the water stations - seeing as it was still drizzling there wasn`t a need. I took a few more places here. I saw Dan in front being chased down by Jon. The next time I saw them Jon was in front. We were now at the 7 Km stage of the race so time to push harder - one mile to go, 8 Km mark & then the final mile then I saw the 9 Km mark. I joined up with a big group of runners then I managed to surge ahead - half expecting them to all chase me down in the final 200 metres or so but they didn`t - well a couple of youngsters did - big cheer from Dave. and through the line. I didn`t chase down Jon in the end. Saw Dennis come in - who took 1st place in his age group - V75 - 01:11:04

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 7:24(7:24/m) - 128cal
2) - 1m - 7:33(7:33/m) - 131cal
3) - 1m - 8:06(8:06/m) - 132cal
4) - 1m - 7:29(7:29/m) - 131cal
5) - 1m - 7:18(7:18/m) - 131cal
6) - 1m - 7:12(7:12/m) - 130cal
7) - 0.24m - 1:38(6:50/m) - 30cal

10Km - 00:46:38 - ok still 85 seconds away from my PB but a seasons best over a lumpy course with a little too much downhill for my liking (more of an uphill man) but happy with that - promising you could say.

Good event and I`ll be back for more

Am I `enjoying` these shorter faster races? Well that would be saying ;-)

Next up - Forest 5 - this Wednesday night & time to go off road.

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