Sunday, 13 March 2011

I can`t moan or `wine` about my weekend...busy as a PB.

Just had a cracking weekend - full of running & races. Which I guess is what you want to keep you mind off things – namely SIS Lightning 12hr next weekend.

Saturday started off with a trip over to Reading for `two` races – the first Reading parkrun & my second trip there (92-7). The course was a lot firmer than I thought it would be, as Gavin pointed out great conditions for Reading, no waiting at the scanners either. Myself & Dan from the club went around in an easy 28:02, both agreed to go back in the Summer and give this a real crack as I think it`s a fast course. Good to see OS from RW who had a blinder.

Splits – 09:06, 09:01, 09:06, 0:51 (0.1M @ 08:15/m)

We only had 90 mins to wait for our next race – the Reading St Patrick`s 5 Mile Scurry. Drove to the University and eventually found the Student Union (nice one Dan but we did see some of the course). Met up with Sue & some of Basingstoke parkrun crowd and waited for the start. The course itself was a 2 fairly flat laps with a mixture of terrains and my aim was a PB – I had to beat 38:37. We assembled at the start – fast students at the front, old vets in the middle & leprechauns at the back (great shout guys) and off we went.

Due to my lack of speed work I`ve forgotten how to run at pace and off like a loon I went. I kept thinking what Gobi had said to me only recently – it goes along the lines of – 1st 15 seconds you can run like a loon, the next 45 seconds to calm down, the next 60 seconds if you carry on then the race is blown.

So the first mile came around very quickly, shortly after that I said to Dan to go on this pace is too fast for me. Then it seemed the 2nd mile marker was in sight – I steadied the pace down. Through the start finish and around again. I looked down at round 5Km and saw I was only a few seconds from last week`s parkrun time - !!! I felt that in the next mile – I was blowing hard - but seeing the 4th mile marker you knew the pain would be over soon – I pushed on and soon enough I had two sections of the race left – around the corner & down & up & through the finish.

Splits – 07:07, 07:33, 07:37, 07:54, 07:53, 00:17 (0.04m @ 06:50/m)

I looked down at the garmin and at least I had a reason to feel beat up. 38.20 was showing – a PB by 17 seconds.

We went to the bar – well would be rude not to drink Guinness and wander through to the prize giving – which we arrived just in time. After clapping the race winners I was surprised to hear the words......”And 1st Male VET - from Cove Joggers – Kelvin Gower....” Well you could have knocked me down with a 3 leafed clover. Apart from my parkrun runner of the month my actual first award for a single running performance – a bottle of red. A bit of a belated birthday present - Cheers.

Today was the Surrey Spitfire 20 – a favourite of mine. 2 laps around the Dunsfold Aerodrome and the surrounding area. Slightly undulating but nothing too worrying. I did last Spring and ended racing & grabbing a PB (02:47:18 – av 08:18), last October I ran in the Autumn version (roughly 17M @ 09:30 & last 3M @ 8.10`s). Today I was also pacing out a time – I had decided on 10.00/m (easier on brain) – 03:20. I picked up Denise from the club and made our way there. Even thou I was in disguise I soon met up Gymfreak & Jock & John. Soon enough it was start time – as we lined up we bumped into Alison & David from the club and discussed race plans. David would come around with me & Heather – with that sorted we were off (why worry with well thought out advance plans – simples).

The miles ticked over nicely – 5 down and on the homeward stretch for the first lap. We crossed the 10M marker on 01:40:05. Now the thing with the new start / finish position is that by the time you exit the aerodrome you have covered 3 miles already – only 7 to go, then from 5 you can count down. Went to finish going up & down the last lumps you know you are practically done. This was David longest run and he was doing really well – for the last few miles I kept just in front for him telling him to keep the imaginary tow rope tight which he did.

As we entered the Aerodrome we had cheers from the supporters, then myself & Gymfreak had to practically sprint to keep up with David who found some hidden speed from somewhere – an incredible finish. (I will remember that David at Frimley Lodge)

Through the line & congratulations all round – another great mornings running.

Splits – 9:58, 9:55, 9:44, 10:12, 10:20, 10:12, 9:51, 9:46, 9:41, 10:06, 9:59, 9:35, 10:18, 10:37, 10:23, 10:19, 10:35, 10:35, 9:41, 8:25 (0.88m @ 9:35/m)

Oh the finishing time was 03:20:11 (opps had 03:40:11 there)

A good event for all of the Cove Jogger`s on show in fact - Alison testing out a 02:39:02, Denise`s progressive 03:02:18 - not bad for her 1st 20M & David`s great effort of 03:20:13.

I cannot wait till the Autumn one - Date Released as the 4th Sept.

Next up – SIS Lighting 12hr Run but only after tomorrow`s sports massage & Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening`s yoga ....yes I`ve planned a relaxing week ahead with my only running coming at Swindon parkrun. Then after that some time off – with only parkruns in mind.

What others have said about last year`s events.....

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And from their facebook page – “Are you ready for the Science in Sport Lightning 12Hr Run? It's this time of year again when we make our way to Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Ledbury to kick off the season with a bang. 12 hours of all cross country running with around 1000 ft of climbing per lap. We will have Facebook and twitter updates live from the event so for friends and family tell them to follow @provelosupport on twitter and the provelosupport Facebook page to see how you are doing. Good luck and see you on Sun 20th.

I shall be updating my Facebook status during the event too.

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