Friday, 16 April 2010

Race report - Frimley Park 10Km and a bit of catch up

Sorry it`s a bit late..and it`s a bit of a catch up

Last week was a bit of a odd week really..I did not run for 5 days, I missed my last `scheduled` long run with a sore throat & an annoying cough so it was an early start to my tampering. I didn`t want to rush back so I planned a long, slow run on Friday afternoon – I knew just the place – Caesars Camp – on the course of my 1st ultra - a 10 mile off road loop up & downs hills, because of the terrain it did give me an excuse to walk a bit too. I thought it was fitting that I would run this route in my build up to my `1st marathon`. And yes I did go past the place where I celebrated my `26.2` mile line. :-) It looked so different it the daylight, and yes I got lost a couple of times. The upshot was that I think I broke the back of my cough & cold.....either that or it was the beers and curry that followed later.

I had planned to take it a bit easy during Saturday`s parkrun but I was given my `50 parkrun` top so I thought it would be rude if I didn`t give it a bit of blast plus the sun & the shades were out..... ran in with 22.48 – I think within a minute of my pb is always good. Loads of photos afterwards too.

On Sunday I was running in my comeback event - Frimley Park 10Km. Like a lot of races recently I wasn`t planning on racing it, I did plan on a long warm beforehand & to run back home afterwards. Plus it was first 10 Km of the year & the course wasn`t really flat. So after a short 5 mile run there (8.34 m/m) – yes my planning was a bit off. Saw the fun runners and met up with the parkrun crowd for a bit of chat. Before we knew it we rammed down the side road to the hospital waiting for the starter`s hooter. And off we went. I decided I would start off steady and despite the lumps in the course try to carry on at the same pace. So to a steady 1st mile steady, moving through the pack quite nicely – said hello to a lot of Sandhurst runners – I was wearing my Cove Joggers vest so always nice see local club runners and saw a couple of Fetchies too.

Please with pace and how I felt, the only weird thing was that I had my garmin set on miles so when the `km`s` markers came around it didn`t mean take much. Pushed on during the last mile and through the finish.

Splits - 7:43, 7:32, 7:30, 7:35, 7:28, 7:16, 1:13 (0.16m)

Garmin time – 46.17 (just a minute over my pb)

Stayed around to watch Colin & Elaine come in – both had cracking times. And jogged home with Alan. Total miles for the day – just over 13 miles.

Pretty pleased with that seeing as the race head was not on, felt ok afterwards & after the `warm up` so looking good for after the marathon – maybe I can get under 43.30 this year. A big, huge ask that.

Next race – ok two clues;

My training tells me I can run it in roughly 3 hrs 40 mins. But it is London and my `1st marathon` (if I can say that but you know what I mean), hopefully I can get close to that but more importantly I will have a hoot, enjoy the day and have some fun along the way. If you see me don`t point and laugh cos it`s rude ;-)

Good luck if you are running at Brighton this weekend - hopefully I shall be down there cheering away, giving out the jelly babies, yelling abuse er I meant encouragement etc etc.

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